Diapers Under Office Clothes

I don't need diapers as I can wet or poop on demand but i love to wear diapers under my office clothing for fun. I especially enjoy the wetness and warmth as I go about my work. I wear the Attends M8 which are not too bulky but still feel nice. The front becomes all nice and spongy when filled up with my ****. At the end of the day just before I go home I try and poop in them too and then sit on that while I drive home. All nice and warm and squishy. I have to wear a plastic pant too so they don't leak but that feels good and soon warms up so the crinkle sound can't be heard. I do have a pair though that are amazingly loud so I wear them around the house as anyone nearby can hear me coming. Talking of coming I do that by rubbing myself over top of my pants under the desk during the day...several times ! No worry about clean up as the diaper takes care of that. Diapers make me feel so horny!
tightshortsnick tightshortsnick
56-60, M
1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Hey man, loved your confession about ******* in your diaper at work... I've done the same thing, wear a diaper to the office, wet it during the day and then ********** by rubbing myself over the top of my pants under my desk until I *** inside my diaper too. So wrong and so, soooooo good!