Big Low Hanging Balls

I have big low hanging balls and they love to be kicked, slapped, pulled and flicked. You can see the pictures of them.
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I went back over to his house and before his wife came home I got to play with his stuff again. I took a ball in each hand (big) and squeezed as hard as I could and his legs barely bent, he said he could take it. Bigger balls are tougher I guess or maybe its just him. So I said no balls can take it. He said mine can. I took a ball in each hand and dug my fingers into each balls like hard, he hit the floor coughing. His wifes car door shut and she was on her way in and I went out the back door. I looked back (it was dark) and she walked in and saw him laying down holding his balls. She checked him out and he finally got up, I don't know what he told her for an excuse, it was funny. I felt his balls almost rupture when I squeezed them.

I went to my neighbors house and this older guy was swimming with me and his wife was gone on a business trip. He started wrestling around with me and I squeezed his stuff and he reacted, I know I got a ball. We got out and he said I hurt his nut pretty good and I said aww i'm sorry and reached out and rubbed his trunks there. He pushed me down on my knees and I knew he wanted more. I pulled his trunks down and wow, his balls were hanging so low and very big. I was fascinated and felt each one and lifted them up in my hand so feel the weight. I grabbed them both and swung them in a big circle and he loved it, I made them hit me in the face and it hurt, they were heavy. He got super hard (very big) and I got him to lose his stuff real fast with sucking. I always wondered if bigger balls made more juice and this time it was true. A really large amount of juice came out and I did not think it was going to stop, ha ha. It was real white and tasted ok. I made him stand there and must have played with his balls for hours, he loved it and it recharged him several more times. I can't wait to go back over there and do it again, he said that I could come over every day if I wanted to.

I always wanted to see ones that hung low. I felt this one boy in high school that had real loose ones, his hung down about 4 inches (the bag) and the balls were pretty heavy. He was always getting hurt in gym class and everyone seemed to tap or kick him because they knew that his balls were so available. My step brothers balls are much tighter to his body and when i hit him they often go inside him. This other kids balls hung so low that he could not protect them, no way. Do you have trouble getting hurt a lot because of the way yours are???

I would very much like you yo kick my balls too dear Tina. they are not hanging balls, but very kickable I promise! ;)