Hit At The Mall.

I have to admit that getting hit in the balls is not my favorite thing. I found this group and wanted to share my story. My ex wife had a thing for hitting me in the balls. At the time I didn't understand why. It wasn't like she would give me any warning or anything. Just all of the sudden wham right in the jewels. It wasn't just hitting me that she liked. She liked people to see her do it. It really embarrassed me to no end. I actually resorted to wearing a cup a few times. One day she was after me to go to the mall with her. I started getting dressed and put the cup on. She wanted me to wear something special for her. When we first met I used to wear spandex all of the time but when she started hitting me in the balls I stopped wearing it around her. It just seemed to be to tempting for her. I reluctantly agreed to wear the spandex shorts that she wanted. Even then I tried putting the cup under my shorts. I couldn't wear it because you could see it through the shorts. The whole time we were at the mall I was on my guard. The only time I let my guard down was when we stopped at the food court to get something to eat. I went and got our tray and was bringing our food back to the table. She got up and started walking towards me. She said that she was going to get the drinks and as soon as she grabbed them she hauled off and kicked me right in my nuts. I don't know which was worse the pain I felt or the surprise I had that she had done that. I dropped the tray and grabbed my jewels. I can't explain the look she had on her face. She just looked happy. When I had regrouped I asked her why she did that. She asked me if it turned me on as much as it did her. I was shocked that she would think it would. She said "there you were walking along with your balls on display for everyone to see and I kicked them". Maybe I am just to stupid to understand this whole thing. I really would like to understand what she was talking about. I talked to her extensively about the subject. The only thing I understood was that she got turned on doing that. The less I was wearing and the more people that saw her do it the more thrilling it was for her. I did try to go along with it. We really did have great sex afterwards but one day she kicked me to hard or I was turned wrong or something and one of my testicles got very swollen. It hurt about as bad as anything I have ever felt. All she wanted to do was look at her handy work. I was afraid that I would never have sex or anything like it ever again. The doctor told me that I was a very lucky man. It did eventually go back no normal. While I was still recovering she still wanted to kick me. I had to get away from that girl.
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You are absolutely right. I think that girl is dangerous!

My main motivation is that i think its fun to be able to get a grab, or hit when a guy is trying as hard as he can to stop it and i get it anyway. Its like hitting a switch that shuts off a machine, if i push the button the machine just stops. Guys are like that. I used to wrestle a "lot" of guys and they always over powered me and held me down (which was ok too). But one time i hit this boy with a slap to his crotch and he doubled over and could not move???? I thought wow that was easy. So i experimented over and over till i knew just how hard and exactly where to slap or hit or punch them. My mom saw me do it and told me to be careful about hitting the boys testicles like that, she said it can mess them up. I was curious so i went out on the internet and typed in testicles and balls and a bunch of pictures showed up and i was surprised.

Imagine someone would kick your vagina (or one of your breasts)! I know this isn't comparing exactly like kicking a guys balls, but I'm convinced that kick would be painful to you too. By the way: If you would kick the wrong guy you could loose a lot money (compensation for pain and suffering)...

this kid was about 7 and he wrestled with me when i was 12, i started pinching him there and finally felt one squish in between my fingers, he doubled over for a long time.

Did you get any pleasure from his pain? What is your motivation. I seriously want to know. I think we have all had things like this happen whey we were young. It might help if you could explain why.

I do it because he likes it, he says it causes a super nice sensation in the belly and balls that he loves. But i like to feel the testicles "give in" you know squish smaller when i squeeze them and see the guy react by tightening his stomach muscles and bend some it just makes me feel like i can control and bust them if i want to, i love it. I squeezed my horses testicle as hard as i could and he tightened his belly muscles too and it is a HUGE nut and it even hurt him some. But i could not rupture it if i wanted to, i tried. But a mans testicle i could definitely rupture easily and that makes me feel safe knowing that i can knock out or kill a grown man if he tries to hurt me. It does not matter how big he is does it?? I mean if i get a nut he is finished right??

I squeezed this one boyfriends balls when he got close and it pushed him over the edge. I did it until he stopped moving due to paralysis then he came. But this other guy i squeezed and it hurt him too much so i rolled them around which made him come. this one guy pushed himself on me and i reached back and squeezed until he doubled over then kept squeezing until he passed out. I pull on them some but not to hard it could damage them.

I always knew when i got a boy with a pinch while we were wrestling cause i could feel something "slip" out of my grip each time. They would get hurt so bad from it. I won every time and they would have to curl up a long time. I got a grown man one time and his did the same thing and i was 12. He violently curled up and i thought "wow a mans balls are even more tender" but it was huge.

I guess it must give some people a sense of power. The girl I talked about in this story liked to hold my balls while she had an ******. She would hurt me. It wasn't the squeezing that hurt so bad it was the tugging that would bring me to my knees. I think now that if she could have ripped my balls off during sex she would have. At the time I just thought she was really getting into what I was doing. Just so you know. I did like her holding them. I even liked her squeezing them. I just didn't like it when she tried to pull them off. It deleted everything that came before. Even if I was *********** at the time. So if you are looking for a way to delete a sexual encounter for a guy that would be the best way I can think of. The only thing I can't figure out is why I did it more than once. Like you said in your last reply guys line up for it. The girl I am with now has a fetish that involves my balls but it is a much more pleasurable experience for me. I would stand line for hours for her. The other girl is an ex. I think that says it all.

When i was about 6 i remember this woman that without warning would swat or punch her husband (they were young) in the balls so hard he would curl up on the ground and sweat and moan. I watched and learned how tender guys are there. I started doing it to every boy i ever knew and they all reacted the same, intense pain and were paralyzed. i really started enjoying it when i squeezed them and felt the guy melt from it. I cannot get off properly without knowing that my guy is hurting real bad when he pumps me and i always reach back and squeeze when i get off as i sit on my guy, i love to feel them groan with pain as i go into ****** then watch them curl up paralyzed after i get off. Weird but guys line up to do it even though they have bad belly pain afterwards.

I would love to have a woman like her. She could kick my balls all she wants.

Thanks. I was afraid that no one would understand.

Thank you for your story Spandexblue. I understand this time when it was too hard must have been quite frightening for you. I understand you left her, and even in the case you would have enjoyed ballbusting (which is not the case, I understand), you put your safety first, which is healthy. Strong phantasm should not impair our vision of reality.

That said, as an amateur of ballbusting, I have to say that your ex girlfriend is a very exciting personality. It seems she liked to punish you for exhibiting your balls. She is not shy from kicking a man in the balls. Girls like that are rare unfortunately.

About trying to understand this phantasm, there is not very much you could have done. I try to understand myself regarding that issue with little success so far (see my story on the matter).

Lately I have been thinking about this particular instance. I came back and read your comment again. I have read more things that you have written and I must say that you have explained this subject better than I ever thought it could be. Under the right circumstances I may have been able to indulge her better. The way it was there was no way.

Now when I look back at that day I can see many things the way she looked at them. If a few things had changed I may have even enjoyed that experience. As it was though I don't.

Thank you for your comment - I tried to explain my feelings about it, glad that it made some sense to you.

It seems like you found a better match for you, so I would go on with no regrets - still I am curious to know what is this very pleasurable fetish of your new girlfriend, that "involves your balls" :)