First Time I Realized My Little Preference For Pain...

I was 13 when I was first kicked in the balls. This girl I was friends with had just ball-kicked this dude who was giving her problems. I had never been hurt there so I was curious if it really hurt as bad as other guys said, so I asked her, but she said no because she only does it to guys who **** her off.

So I tried ******* her off by pulling up her skirt and kneeing HER in the crotch. She was in pain for like a minute or so before recovering, but she was thoroughly pissed. So she went up to me, yanked my jeans down, and slammed her knee between my legs as hard as she could.

I immediately dropped to my knees clutching myself. Then to make it even worse, she kicked my hands out of the way and kicked me SQUARE in the balls again and I fell on my side, in total agony, then she started mocking me out of spite. The only thing more surprising than how utterly painful a blow to the testicles is, was that I had a ***** afterward.

justaboy9221 justaboy9221
18-21, M
Mar 9, 2010