I Can Tell Soooo Much About A Man By

when I meet a man, and we know what's coming next, THAT'S when I like to slow things down a bit - and when they're game, it is EXQUISITE. Last month there was a guy, oh, you know, big hotel convention center and we'd flirted at the bar, and it was getting pretty grope-y and pretty soon we were in his hotel room. I started kissing his ears, his neck, and his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt and he really got it - kissing me slowly and - frankly .. almost teasingly .. as I took off my top and jeans. He was EVERYWHERE with his lips, his mouth, his tongue and I was amazed. This guy was soooooo ready for what HE came for but he just kept kissing and licking me all over. He must have done it for, geeze, 20 minutes and not ONCE did he do the typical guys things to let me know he was TOTALLY ready. But, god's truth, after about that long I didnt' think *I* could wait any longer and .... well,.. the self-professed 'straight but curious' guy and THIS femmey queer did what you'd expect for, umm, a lot longer than 20 minutes. STILL, it was the longest, most erotic tease I've had in YEARS.
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Very lucky guy...and very nice story...!