Yes..that's The Way :)) I Like It

Let me show you how to kiss..start from toes..kiss all four..then touch the heel.. kissing you is a ritual to follow. Now kiss the ankles smoothly,travel up..part the legs..hmm thighs are for butterfly kiss..and makes a source of great arousal..Now..where were we..yes..I can are bulging at the mid..but I pass and go the forehead..both eyes then ..kiss on cheeks and don't forget the nose..come to ear lobes..nibble when you to the back..shoulder and the middle..come to the chest and lick and you are ready for a deep deep passionate kiss..kiss me..hungrily..long and too..should last a session or two :)
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Very nice and sexy.

thank you

I start at her forehead and begin exploration of every square inch of her head to toe front and back.

okay..and no more?

Then it is time for the main course until she has me drenched in her cumm.