I want you here

kissing me

looking at me

and dreaming...


I want you

kissing my ear,

saying softly,

words of love...


I want you

kissing my mouth,

taking me out of the space,

stealing my sigh...


I want you

kissing my breasts,

waking the wish,

forgetting what is right...


I want you.

kissing my skin

full of emotions

making my body shudder...


I want you

kissing me all over,

without limits,

bringing me to the madness...


I want you

kissing me with heat

a kiss of making love

making me to wish more


I want you

kissing my womanhood

taking my breath away.

making me want not to have end..


I want you today

more than yesterday

kissing me

all over again…



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7 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Came back for some more kisses.... ;-)

beautiful rich images. thank!

Im on the next flight over!!!!

Beautiful piece :)

I like it. Not to much but just enough..

You are always beautiful TP.

You are amazing with words princess! Smiles