All Over, My Love...

For My One and Only.

Forehead, nose, cheeks, lips....mmmmm lick and bite my lip ring.

Over my chest, licking my inked sternum and right breast, latching on to my nipple ring and then doing the same on my left side. suck them until they are hard and wet, they are wired to the nerves in my *****, after all.

Swirl in my navel, my gold and garnet ring shines.

Down my legs slowly to my feet, I moan your name softly.

Back up my legs trailing your tongue on my inner thighs oooh.

Hold my legs open, I'm trembling

Make me flood...

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
31-35, F
9 Responses Feb 25, 2009

*smiles*<br /> King has left the castle. I am in solitude a while, but I shall heal.

*smiles*<br />
I can only be honest.

Hugs back Trw ;o)

Don't pout, my lovely man. *hug*

Always the brides maid ..... figuratively speaking of course ... Hmmm :(

Holy Heaven...My King is my One and Only...but honestly I am honoured by this attention. It's funny how it always comes when you can't oblige. I was single for nearly six years and nothing...<br />
<br />
Sorry, gentlemen.

Kg gentlemans excuse me ...... thank you ..... Trw you lead.....

Shuccksss kwall...My King has my hand right now.

That's sweet...