What a Way to Die

The feeling is singular. To feel a woman's lips on my body, between my thighs, behind my ears, and on my lips. Could die, and die happy if being kissed by a special woman.

guynextdoor guynextdoor
41-45, M
6 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I know the feeling well.

Very sweet.

You are a special woman. Very special woman.

LOL. "volunteer"?? I thought you said "special woman"! Caught cha! Yeah, talk yer way outta that one!!! rofl!

hmm, that does sound exquisite, I would need a volunteer, and no the dog wont do.Lol

How bout behind the knees? Does that get ya'll too?? Uhhh, the dog licking off salt doesn't count! :P