By Any Method Possible, Just Milk Me

I love to be milked. Hand milk me, pulling my nipples to drain my breasts. Hook me up to a milking machine and let the hard suction drain the milk from my breasts. Better still, wrap your warm mouth around me and suckle my milk from my warm breast.
Do what ever you prefer just milk me, please
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2011

The times it's necessary to use the pump are not the best, even though I do have a few who only like to collect 10 to 20 ounces of my best frozen for them to use as they see fit.
Hanging over two willing mouths is the most enjoyable for a number of reasons, but am just as happy to have a guy or girl resting on my chest, suckling slowly.

i would milk you in all didfferent ways hand, by a soft hand pump, by a strong milking machine, by mouth, on fours, on your back, on a cosy chair with holes so your boobies show from it..ready to be milked, restrain your hands & lick u slowly on your boobies...making you squirm & moan..ahh just the thoughts are making me wet...

God i wish my girlfriend was like this, its so hard to find a lesbian that wants to just be sucked on for hours.

wow ...i would attach a milker to one boob while i suck on the other giving you different sensations on each...

As you wish