I Just Walked Out

My room mate's mother and sister were in town, staying at our place. My roommate was at class and they were just sitting watching TV. I was in my room with my girlfriend who was still sleeping.

I don't know why, but I just had the strongest urge to just walk out naked. I totally knew they were there. I got the courage, and just marched out naked as could be. They both looked stunned and dropped their jaws. I just didn't even acknowledge that I was nude. I greeted them like nothing was odd. They giggled and I asked if I was making them uncomfortable. They said not a bit and looked me over. I chit chatted for a while then went to my room. I woke up my girlfriend and we had sex. I made sure they could hear us.
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way to go! Wish I could do that.

Yes, Difara, I did.<br />
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I waited untill the next day. They probably didn't say anything to my roommate, cause he never said anything to me. So I figured it was ok with them. So I waited until I was my roommate was gone, but they were awake. I heard them in the kitchen so this was my chance. Also, my girlfriend didn't stay over, so I wasn't so scared of her catching me showing off this time.<br />
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I walked out with that groggy "just woke up look" and they just froze. They could hardly contain their smiles. I just asked them if they needed the bathroom, as I was going to shower. They said it was ok, and to go ahead.<br />
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So I showered, stroked and got hard, and came out with the towel around my neck. I was totally hard this time. I said, " the bathroom is all yours if you need it" and they both did a double take at my *****.<br />
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I just acted cool, like nothing was odd, and went to my room, but I left the door wide open. I could see them in my mirror, looking at me from down the hall. I just put on some music and walked about my room, puttering with things, but not really doing anything, just prolonging being nude.<br />
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I then turned around and walked back to the bathroom, they both ducked back into the kitchen. I brushed my teeth, and came out. They asked me if I wanted some breakfast. I said sure and they made more eggs for me. The daughter set the table, and I asked if I should get dressed, and the mother said, "Only if I am cold." And she laughed. So I sat and had breakfast with them. They joked that college life was as wild as they heard.

Amazing, your one of a kind. There just have to be more acquaintances when you are not clothed though???

LOL So did you do an encore?

Yes, the next time they visited, I made sure I got up early, before my roommate. I think they expected it, and were not disappointed.

Love your style. Would love to do that as well.