Undress Challenge

Today my Mistress challenged me to get a nude or semi nude pic of myself at my friends house and taken by my friend! I was to help him prune some trees and tidying his yard and my Mistress wanted me to get him to photograph me during the day as we worked, either nude or pants-less!

I have never asked my friend to do such a thing, so I left home very nervous with this challenge. I decided to go Commando so I would not chicken out and settle for an underwear shot, this raised the stacks of my challenge.

We worked hard all morning and into the afternoon before taking a break. I had been thinking of my challenge all day, it made me both nervous and excited. We sat for our break and opened a beer each, this helped give me the courage to bring up my request. I started to talk about the internet and mentioned I had a "friend" that I shared weird stuff with. He asked what kind of stuff and I said "oh, you know, silly pics and stuff". I also mentioned that I told her i was working with him today and she wanted me to send her a photo of me during the day. He said "no probs, I can take your pic". It was then I blurted out my photo conditions, "Um, she wants me nude or at least no pants." I heard myself saying it like I was someone else, but it was out there, I had said it! He laughed a little and asked if I was serious, I said I was. He then said he didn't want to see me nude and that the neighbours were home and may catch an eye full. I almost told him to forget it, that it was a silly idea when he said he would do it, but it had to be by his shed where there was less chance of being seen. I agreed.

We walked to the spot and he said he would do the pants off pic, from behind. I said I'd like to pose with the chainsaw, to show the fact we had been working and he agreed.
I gave him my camera and walked to the spot, now I was really nervous and thought of canceling the whole thing when he told me to drop my pants and grab the chainsaw. I undid my pants and let them drop exposing my naked *** to him. He giggled a little and let out a wolf whistle, this made me feel even more exposed and nervous. I took a long slug of my beer, put down the bottle and grabbed the chainsaw, holding it behind me in a few different poses. I began to enjoy the feeling of being semi naked outdoors as well as photographed and told to pose. I could feel the breeze against my skin, my ***, my **** and my balls. I told my friend to take more pics. I looked down and could see my **** was beginning to grow. I had a sudden realisation of what I was doing and felt guilty and exposed. I said, "That should do" and quickly put down the chainsaw and pulled up my pants.
My friend said "no problem, hope she likes them" and laughed as I turned towards him with an embarrassed smile.

I had done it! I'm not sure what my friend is thinking but I am writing this with a hard-on, remembering the feeling of the moment, of how fast my heart was beating, how excited I felt and how nervous I was! I can't believe I actually did it.

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nice ***