Totally Nude For You

This was our very first time to a nude beach. We sat in the sun for a couple of hours and started to get to hot and thirsty. We walked (nude) over to a small pavilion to be in the shade for a while. When we got there we realized that the other people in the shelter were all clothed. We let them gauk for a while, which was thrilling. We then spotted a lunch wagon so we headed over there to see what they had. The lunch wagon guy was stand off away from his wagon talking with the park patrol lady. Of course they were both clothed as well. They were talking and not paying attention to who was around. They work at a nude beach so they are used to seeing naked people. We had walked right ip close to them and stopped their conversation and just looked at us in surprise. There we stood facing them totally nude. I will always remember the feeling of being nude and having them checking us out. I' m sure the guy was enjoying my wife's breasts and her lovely *****. I felt like I was going to get really hard. I know my **** was starting to swell. I was hoping that the lady has fond memories of our random encounter. For me it was nice be naked and enjoyed by others with out them being threatened. A perfect day.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Good time at the park. It is always good to educate the clothed public about naked as an acceptable choice. The more often people see naked men just going about our lives the closer we get to a tipping point where naked becomes normal.

I would like to be able to do what you did and just be accepted as a naked man. Maybe one day that will happen, but right now I would probably be arrested and jailed for indecent exposure. We are born naked so why is the naked body offensive or the sight of the naked body in public illegal? I'm still trying to figure out a logical answer to that question. Do you have a logical answer? Let me hear from you. In the meantime keep walking nude whenever and wherever you can and educate clothed people along the way!


That surely is a great feeling, being the only ones naked! You draw all attention, people consider you brave or admire you. We love it that way!