It was a few years back at clothing optional beach in the South of France. I dragged my husband there although he wasn't keen.
We spend the morning relaxing and then I saw a group from out hotel. I went to chat to them and forgot that I was naked. They were all clothed so I stood there and chatted at the edge of the beach .
Then I realised the men were looking at me and the girls were shuffling uncomfortably. I carried on talking for about 10 minutes before they decided to move on and find a clothed beach.
The experience was quite arousing chatting to bunch of clothed people and me being totally naked.
Later in the bar one of the guys bumped into me with is wife and joked' "I didn't recognise you with your clothes on! His girlfriend gave him a funny look , which made me smile.

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I tried to gesture or whiteboard to express my appreciation of your writing and attitude; but am not allowed to. Thank you for your story. I admire you.

I had a similar encounter two summers ago. We have a long driveway, mostly hidden from our neighbors, and I had walked up (nude, of course) to get the mail. I listen for cars before I step out to the mailbox.

On this day, my neighbors, who were in the process of divorcing, were cleaning up some brush along our joint property line. I'd rarely seen them outside for more than a year, and only the minimum yardwork was being done, but on this day they were working out there together.

My husband had planted some trees for a privacy screen and it works pretty well as long as the neighbors are in their house. but as I walked back toward the house, I saw them between the privacy-screen trees......and they saw me. They waved, I waved back, and sheepishly headed toward the door of my house, but they both stood up and waved me over.

Since they already knew I was naked, I shrugged it off and walked over to them, and we talked for a few minutes. They were cleaning up because they had finally sold the house and were moving into different residences. But after talking to them for a bit, I realized they had seen us nude in the yard many times and the privacy screen wasn't so private.

Then a young couple with tween-age boys moved in..........That killed much of our nude yardwork :-(

ahh that is a cute story ,maybe you will join the CMNF LOL..used to chat with someone that had CMNF parties.

It stands for clothed male nude female.

it is clothed male nude female,there are groups of people that participate in CMNF parties.Used to know a few females that loved CMNF parties.

well the gal that used to chat with told me that she would be naked along w/her friend and they had 5 guys over and they just ate a meal,watched a football game and talked til mid night.She never indicated anything else happened.Maybe other that throw CMNF parties have moe things go on but she never said anything more than that.Are you thinking of throwing one?

invite me please ha ha ha

My favorite is CFNM, clothed female nude male. I have been in this situation several times and it is erotic and exciting! Once just me and my long time female friend. We had talked about nudity and being naked in front of one another so one day I took off my clothes as she watched and I remained nude for the rest of our visit. Another time there was another couple, my girl and me. We had partied naked several times but on this occasion when they visited us, I answered the door nude and let them in. With three others who remained dressed and me totally naked the experience was even better. Eventually, they took everything off too but, the best time was when I was the only exhibitionist.

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Being the only nude person is a clothed group can be a great feeling. It is very empowering, and can be rather sexy.

Yes, a few times. I think that people react differently to a nude man than to a nude woman, but it is still fun.