I Went As Eve To A Halloween Party...

Just last year, I went to a Halloween party at a friends house, and I went as Eve, y'know from the Bible. My costume consisted of a prop snake around my shoulder, an apple I brought, and a leaf tied to a little string around my waist to just barely cover my front. I let down my hair in front to cover my breasts and my bum was totally bare and exposed. I wasn't fully naked, but I was very close.

I got a few shocked expressions when I entered the party, but I didn't really mind. Because I dont just like to be naked when others are clothed, I love it. The feeling is just indescribable. It makes you feel very original from everyone around you too, and so much more free than if everyone else was naked too, at least that's how I feel. So I was going about the party, talking to friends, meeting new people. My friends weren't too surprised that I pulled a stunt like this, and I got generally positive remarks from the people I met. I did also get a few slaps on the butt, but I was okay with that haha. Nothing inappropriate was done, so i didn't need to get upset. Plus I was naked at a party with a bunch of guys, so it was to be expected.

 Well, some girls at the party were standing in the corner, sneering at me, snickering at me, one of them called me a *****. But they wouldn't say anything to my face, and I just ignored them and enjoyed the party. At one point, this one girl in the group was apparently highly offended by the costume so much that she finally worked up the courage to say something to me about it. She said that this was a party with other people, not the "playboy manor," and that there were a bunch of perverted men at the party, and I should be ashamed AND she said my boyfriend should be ashamed of me (who was at the party and was very supportive of my decision to go to it nude.).

Y'know what I did? I told her I had another costume that I could change into if she didn't like this one, and she told me to do it. I put the snake and apple aside, took off the leaf, and put my hair behind my back. I stood in front of her now with everything exposed and said "Now I'm a naked hippie, peace love." and walked away, enjoying the rest of the party totally butt-naked.

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Good for you. People can get so self righteous about simple nudity. You weren't hurting anyone and they were probably jealous they didn't have the self confidence to do the same thing.

"Because I dont just like to be naked when others are clothed, I love it. The feeling is just indescribable. It makes you feel very original from everyone around you too, and so much more free than if everyone else was naked too, at least that's how I feel."
Very well said. I agree completely; the feeling of being the only one naked is absolutely indescribable.

WEll done I admire your confidence and attitude - not to mention your dress sense!

You could also have said that your alternate costume was "Lady Godiva." Same costume just different character.

You should have told her it's the "Playboy Mansion", not "manor". Love how you got back at her, changing into your Lady Godiva costume!

Awesome! Who cares what others think, be yourself.

Good for you!!

Wish I was there! Love it!

Were any prizes handed out for "best costume" at that party? Hopefully, you won, and hopefully you posed for pictures while wearing your costume! We would love to see it!

This is something that I'd want to try. You've given me an idea. Band-aid over my nipples but I'll still wear a thong or something. Not that brave to display my love nest yet

I love the idea of a girl going as Eve for halloween! Awesome story

Awesome story. You confidence is pretty bad ___! I've wanted to wear a costume like that for halloween but not sure i could get away with it as a guy. Maybe if I get my girlfriend to join me in a matching costume.

I really liked the "hippie costume" part. I'll bet the other girl thinks twice about complaining again. And kudos to your boyfriend for being so supportive.

Well done! on ALL accounts.

Great story of a great girl! Thanks and would love to be added

Great story - any more?

I love the nude life too, so of course love your costumes! The last halloween party I went to there were three of us nude girlfriends who didn't want to put clothes on as we live the nude lifestyle. We "dressed up" in body paint and wore some jewelry and thats it! We told the planners ahead ot time and the others agreed we had a good idea. The theme of the night became nudity or semi nudity as some were a bit shy. <br />
<br />
We all had a great time and played some really interesting games too!

your way to response her is lovely babe..luv it

You sound like an awesome person and a heck of a lot of fun ;-)

LOVED IT, what a way to stick it up that up tight *****. Don't worry about them, they are just to insecure with them selfs to be able to relax with a naked girl around. Proberly pissed that they wern't getting all the attention!!!!!

ive never started out naked in a party, but i have ended up naked many times. always fun. you can see people want to join in and are just too shy

I've got to get to more parties...perhaps I might catch you at one ! SpankYourBareNow

I admire your self confidence and were I your boyfriend that night I would have been so proud of your choice.

the girl who complained to you was conflicted out of all the other girls she was the one who walked up to you and commented she may well have expected a strong response, given how you already attended, and she WANTED that response what annoyed her was not seeing your nipples clearly or seeing your ***** all night until then most likely she wanted to toss off her clothes and hit the couch with you and have wild sex with you in front of everyone else.....had she suggested that, would you have gone with that ???

Great story! She put her in her rightful place.

Gotta love a woman with balls! Figuratively, anyways. LOL

Great read... Peace v :)

Nothing is as sexy as a confident girl who is also submissive to her man.

Sounds good to me. I love to be naked in front of other people, especially if they are clothed. Glad you enjoyed the party, and that you gave the miserable moo something to think on!


So do most of us guys, as well. So are you going to do the same next halloween?

Thanks for sharing Glen

Just an amazing experience, such a shame the world is still so closed minded. at least your out there grabbing lie by the hands and living it up. Good on you girl, your an inspiration.<br />


Great story good for you, wish I was there. I would maybe like to do something like that one day if i could, I think I would be too scared to though.

what is your astrology sign? I want to find a girl like you.

I loved your story and your response. People need to get over nakednes. I have never understood what the big "puritanical" deal is about a naked body. You go girl!

That must have been great. I've never been the only nude person in the group.

this is most amusing and you are a brave girl...

You are brave. This is one of my fantasies. Maybe now I will get enough courage to finally do it.

What an amazing story, I loved it! You are so brave and would have loved to have been at that party and I wish I had been brave enough to go as Adam as I would take a bite of your apple anytime! lol

One of the best stories I have read to date, completely awesome! Confidence you exude threatens because when you have it, show it and back it up, others can feel totally insecure... They say if you find what one is cynical about then you will find their insecurities. Please keep being you!

Well done you must have felt so liberated and sexy. Wish I was at the party.

Lovely story! Wish I had the courage to pull something like that :) and that I had friends that were more open-minded to stuff like this. Anyway it seems at least in the western world the line of what is socially acceptable in term of clothing and behavior is constantly lowered. <br />
<br />
I wonder if the day will come when people can just walk around naked whenever they like and it wouldn't be outrageous or anything :)

Nice going on putting her in her place what an *** she was, and it sure seems like girls don't like you letting the guys get a look. Like it is something they don't know about or what, they look at ****, probably have had some sort of relationship with seeing a girl bare it all. Better yet what did they go as angles with devil horns to show off that they can play nice but that they are really *****/******* once you spend 4 seconds with them in the room. Complete *****, can't say it enough, and if they really cared about the guys they should of gotten something for you to wear or told them not to gauge, but once again they just complain because they are as jealous as hell about how gorgeous you look and they didn't try it.<br />
Keep having your fun with going all in, makes their true colors shine red for jealousy.

PERFECT!!!! This year, come to our party as Lady Godiva. You will fit right in.

awesome.<br />
i wish i could have gone as Adam with you!

Brilliant response

When I have been in the hospital, I have always refused to wear clothes. This has never been a problem to me. I have been in front of as many as a dozen professional men and women and been totally naked. The fun is at night when the night nurse or the aid or some other person comes in and I am asleep. Sometimes they have to wake me up or I just wake up. I am a lot older now, but when I was younger, I would even find candy strippers, "young, usually high school age volunteers" comming in to "check on me." And when I was unable to get out of bed, the baths once in a while had a happy ending.

Totally awsome story, kudos to you for standing up for something you believe in. <br />
We nuturalist put up with alot, and my fav is when people try to hit me with a religious slant.(usually women). My response is that we are born nude for a reason, and if they take the time to read their bible rather than trying to beat others with it, they would find that "God" intended for us to be nude until Eve screwed things up.<br />
Live free and be well.

nice one! i'm going to try something like this really soon :-)

yea Fight the Power!

Ah crap, I SHOULD HAVE said Lady Godiva. Because she probably wouldn't have known who that was and felt even more stupid. Next time haha.

My boyfriend was there, so, no one would make a grab at that area haha. I did get a couple of ***-smacks though.

Awesome! Though I am shocked to hear that nobody made an attempt at stealing your leaf lol.

That was such a hot story. I hope I get the courage to try that one day.

Im standing with you girls.... great story and you being secure and unashamed of your body is just awesome! the others well its been said they're insecure and unhappy with their body! If their BF was there and he could see your nudity and yes it surely got them excited to see your costume and its adjustment. im sure the others prepped and put on makeup and did their hair and did all they could to be beautiful and get all the looks and attention from the guys right well you topped them by way far and thats why they didnt like it. dont ever let them influence you in your dress or undress? they are the ones with the problem and they need to fix themselves. as far as being called a **** because you were naked is wrong unless you layed down and invited all the guys to have you? your bf was most likey a proud homnored guy to have you and every guy there surely patted him on the .....back haha great story and be true to you always tp

That was a great story and a great comeback!

Wow! I really have admire your nerve. I have wanted to do something like that, but was afraid to for the same reason as the woman who confronted you. I do not understand why people aquant a nude woman with being *****. It seems like every time i have been topless, or flashed, it is always a woman that complains, and not the men. I am glad that you stuck up for yourself, and enjoyed the party nude.

Wow, I love that entire comment girlyflirt! Love it, love it, love, love it!

You tell em girlyflirt!

Go girl! I’d love to do something like that. It gives me goose pimples just imagining myself totally naked in front of a room full of hot guys. I wouldn’t worry about those jealous girls, opinionated, stuck up ******* are everywhere. Trust me I know. I’ve worked for Hooters and the amount of stick I got from certain girls for being a Hooters waitress was ridiculous and the only reason they do it is because of their own insecurities. It really annoys me. They pretend that they are anti the sexism of men ogling scantily clad girls but in reality what they’re anti is more attractive and confident girls making them feel insecure about themselves. I remember this one time at the gym I’d just finished working out and was in the girls’ locker-room when I got berated by this older woman for strutting around naked. I’d ******** off and was going to take a shower, but had ended up having a text conversation with one of my friend’s. I can’t have been standing there for more than ten minutes when this old ***** came up to me told me, yes told me to put some clothes on. I was absolutely furious and told her to **** off, but that sort of thing really annoys me. Sorry I’ve started having a rant but other women setting the moral high ground based on their own issues just ****** me off!

Good. But, I bet the second costume was more fun for you.

Great story!

I did give the peace sign silly, what kind of naked hippie would I be if I didn't? A bad one, that's what kind.

Loved your costume ... but TOTALLY LOVE that response! You have a terrific wit! <br />
<br />
BTW, I'm thinking that they were probably pissed because they found themselves wanting (but not admitting it to themselves) to do what you did, but lacking the confidence and courage to do it, being as uptight about "morals" and especially their bodies as they were - and no doubt remain. <br />
<br />
Oh, and next time, be sure to also flash them the "peace" sign (two fingers held in a V).

Years ago, my first wife and I actually went as Adam & Eve although there were other couples dressed as A & E, they weren't as naked as us. They wore briefs and bras with leaves all over. We were totally naked except for one leaf glued on with make up glue. What a hoot!!!!!