My House Mates Didn't Seem To Mind

In college I owned a three bedroom house.  I would always have trouble finding people to stay that paid rent on time and such, so there was always a new person in the place every few months.  The best tennant I had was a girl from South Africa.  She was polite and tidy and paid the rent on time.  While she was there, I had another girl, from the midwest stay in the other room.   Due to there being only one bathroom, a few naked accidents would happen every once in a while.

   Well one night while these two women were staying,  I was showering after work and class.  It was in the evening.   The midwesterner came into the bathroom  to use it.  She was toasted drunk and really needed to go.    When she got up, she fell down and threw up.   I called my other roommate and she came in.  I jumped out of the shower and we both helped the drunk girl up.   I carried her to her room and my other room mate cleaned up the mess.   I, of course, was naked the whole time.   I went back to the bathroom and all the towels were gone cleaning the mess.  My room mate never even flinched at my nudity.  The other room mate stumbled out of her room apologising.  I walked her back to her room and put her to bed.  She started  to realize I was naked and I said, " well you interupted me in the shower."

   When the South African Roommate was done she put the towels in the washer and we both checked on the drunk roommate.  At this point i realised I was naked for an oddly long time in front of both of them.   I remarked about it, and she said it was ok, it was natural.   Since then I would find any flimsy excuse to be naked when they were home.

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I had a female roommate in college that was accepting of my nudity as well. She had been to a clothing optional beach with me in a group before we were roommates so she knew that I liked to be nude. When we first moved she said basically I know you like to be nude and so I just want you to know going it its fine with me. From then on I was always nude at home with her. No sex as she was not interested in men, but it is great to have a women who is accepting of you being nude.

Another time with other roommates ( all female) I just walked to the kitchen naked while they were home and studying. They just laughed and rolled their eyes.

Yes they were cool. And over the four years I lived there, I had some pretty cool roommates.

It's great that you found people who could accept your nudity.