Different I Think

I think I look at it a bit differently. I'm not a nudist I don't think but have endless fantasies about having my clothes taken and not returned. Being left naked at the beach is my biggest fantasy in fact. I have actually attempted to have this done to me by taking my clothes and leaving them in the ladies change room while I went for a walk in a wooded area. All the while feeling vulnerable and uncertain about getting my clothes back at all, let alone trying to get back into the ladies room where I left them not knowing if anyone is in there or about to walk in. I would love to meet someone to remain anonymous, in Ontario willing to walk off with my clothes some hot summer day at the beach or anywhere else you choose. Would consider even being left tied up while you did. 

strippednakedmale strippednakedmale
41-45, M
Mar 16, 2010