For Me, It Began At The Pond

A few weeks every summer as a kid, I stayed with my grandparents. On the day I remember, I was about 10, it was sweltering hot out. My little brother and I came in the back door complaining, but the house, lacking air-con, was also muggy hot. My grandma's best friend was in the kitchen having ice tea. Desperate, my brother said, "Too hot!" and proceeded to take off all his clothes. Inspired, I'd gotten my t-shirt off when grandma's friend said, "I think it's time we take them to the Pond!" A 20-minute car ride later, we pulled into what looked like a farm. Lots of shady trees, lots of other cars, and around behind the house, we could hear sounds like a big church picnic going on. There was indeed a good-sized pond with a wood platform floating in the middle. Under the trees around the pond, families were picnicking, swimming, chatting. Kids were running, playing, splashing in the water. Everybody cool, comfortable, and completely naked. "So get out of your clothes and go cool off", grandma said. "We'll put down a blanket, set up and join you in a minute." It was, without a doubt, the best day ever! I learned later my grandparents were lifelong "naturists" -- well, except for a couple weeks during the first summer their grandkids came to visit, and before we started spontaneously taking off our clothes. :) My inner child will always remember the feeling of that first day at the Pond and my adult brain appreciates the gentle, healthy philosophy about clothing and bodies that made that day possible.
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Great story. I hope you have continued to enjoy social nudity in adulthood.

Thanks for sharing this great story! Best Wishes to you! Ronnie