I Am Not a Nudist!

Yeah I'm not a nudist or anything but I am 5 months pregnant and here lately it seems as if everything I wear is made of super scratchy material and is horribly uncomfortable. I like to change out of my work clothes (professional office attire) as soon as I get home, occasionally stripping as I am walking through my house and put on my loose comfy silky boxer shorts and a lightweight cotton tank and thats it. When it comes bed time those go too! I just can barely stand for anything to touch my skin right now (even my husband sometimes). It sucks
peacelovinghippiegirl peacelovinghippiegirl
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2 Responses Apr 12, 2007

And you probably look lovely nude and pregnant.

I have been a nudist ever since my husband and I got together. He introduced me to it. I used to go naked around my apartment all the time when I got home from work, or just felt like wearing nothing at all. Being without clothes doesnt necessarily make you a nudist. But, being naked gives you a special freedom that you dont normally feel. Just imagine the most simple touches and feelings against your skin as your naked. It heightens your senses. You feel more alive when you are naked.....well at least I do. Maybe this is a step in another direction for you. But, if its only because youre pregnant then that gives you a sense of freedom too. There are many nudist pregnant women who are more comfortable naked.