Mowing the Lawn...

I describe my back yard as "semi-private". It's surrounded by a six and a half foot privacy fence... but most of the homes in my neighborhood are wood frame, and off the grade. My one neighbors porch deck is about thirty inches off the ground, and only about ten feet from my fence. So, if he comes out on his porch, he's gonna have an unadulterated view of my yard.

Well, since I know that he's gone during the day working, (as are most people in the neighborhood) whenever I cut grass or otherwise work outside in the back I'm usually naked. Last week, I decided to the grass was due again. Since I'm currently working at home right now, and this was a particularly slow work day, I got out and spent most of the day out in the back yard, enjoying the bright Florida sun. I figure that since yard work isn't what I call fun, that I should make it enjoyable any way I can. Oddly enough, being outside naked really helps in that department. My back yard is roughly one quarter of an acre, and a mix of St.Augustine, Bahia, And some Bermuda grasses. When it gets to the point that I feel it needs to be cut,(you know when you can't see the dog through it... my Golden Retriever) it's usually plenty tall and quite dense. So it ends up being about a two hour run, what with refreshment breaks and all. Then you gotta do the weed-eater thing, and edge the stone patio, then as your doing all this, picking up the limbs and such from the shade trees and putting them into the burn barrel (for the cool nights to come). So all in all, i end up with about four good hours of quality naked time outside.

Funny thing this time though, when pushing a lawn mower, even though it says "quiet tech" on the cowl, it ain't. So, I'm pushing through the jungle that is my grass, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the dogs over by the fence yapping. I look to see what she's going off about, and I can see the roof of the neighbors truck over the fence. Curious, I think, because I know it wasn't there when I started. Well there was no sign of anyone, and I know he could not have gone into his house without going up on his porch deck, so.... While many would think it a good time to take a break and retire to the house, or run and grab some shorts, my thought is that if I run and hide then I'm convinced that I'm doing something wrong and need to not be seen doing it. Well folks, that ain't me. I wholeheartedly believe in the rights and freedoms as individuals, and property owners. And I'm a die hard nudist, president of my local club, member in good standing of AANR, as well as personal friend of AANR-Fl region's legal council.

I've always heard "it's better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission", so I never skipped a beat.  Just kept on pushing the mower, hot, sweating, and decidedly naked. At one point his kitchen door opened, and he appeared to be on the phone. I saw this out of peripheral vision, as I figured unless he gestured to get my attention, it was probably better to just pretend not to notice and go about my business. His kitchen door didn't stay open very long, and I fully expected to see police cars arriving at any minute.

Strangely enough, about twenty minutes later, I heard a noise and looked toward the noise to find it was his door slamming shut. As I turned, it was just in time to see his head dropping below the fence line as he went down the steps to his truck, and proceeded to drive away. The only thing I could think is perhaps he had come home for lunch that day, and maybe I was more shocked to see him at home that time, than he was of seeing me naked. I don't know what his reaction was, because I've never talked to him since he's lived there (about a year now), I've waved, my wife has waved and tried to say "hi", but it's never been reciprocated.

Well so far I haven't seen the police cars show up yet. I don't know, he may not care, he may have called a friend to say " ain't gonna believe this..." or he may have called the police and been told whatever. Oh well, what the hell... figured the grass could use a trim again today. Not near as thick this time so I got done alot quicker, and the neighbor never came home for lunch today so all in all, I have to say score one for our side. Some might call it being an exhibitionist, I just call it standing up for what you believe in...

By the way, yeah, I'm naked while typing this.


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I think the saying is actually, "It is better to ask permission then to beg for forgiveness." This is a decent account of your personal experience, and I hope others keep reading it and adding their own comments. I have never been able to mow the lawn naked, but discussed accompanying a guy to his rural property to run a (or several) tractors naked [OK] - to maintain the property - but it never happened.

I started mowing the lawn as a teenager. If no one was home I would do it naked. There was always a possibility of being seen from the separation of where the gate closed, but that kinda made it more thrilling. I was lucky enough to get a car when I was a Sophomore in high school. Pulling it in the back yard and washing it naked was even better than mowing the lawn . Hose off the car. Hose off you. I remember one time I got hard .As I would reach up and rub the top of the car it would hang down and touch the warm metal of the body of the car. l had to finish me, but when I was done I noticed a neighbor two houses down straining to watch through the grape stake fence. He was a few years older than me and always in trouble. I was embarrassed and avoided him after that. He never said anything or told on me.

I too enjoy working in my back yard, naked. Fortunately, my 6 foot fence is usually more than adequate since the houses are all one story and we don't have basements so they are low to the ground. I have had several 'events' however. <br />
<br />
One time I was hosing down the patio and sun room. I was working away, getting wet myself from splash back, and generally enjoying the work since it was warm and getting wet didn't matter. I was about 3/4 done when I glanced up over the fence behind my house only to see the neighbor up in the maple tree trimming out dead branches. I not sure he saw me, but pretty sure he must have. But, like 12Bnude, I continued. I figured he had probably already seen me and not made a fuss. (and this is the west, not Virginia).

alterid- your right about the law (especially in Va, I've heard)but across the country, atitudes are changing... albeit slowly. I figure the only way I'm gonna find out is to push the envelope. My friend (the lawyer) told me several years back that if I'm ever arrested for being naked on my own property, to call him as he'll defend those cases pro-bono. He loves going head to head with the City...

I too agree that it is great for you.<br />
<br />
Alterid - I am sorry to hear of this trouble in VA since it is my home state also.

Great for you! I too feel the way you do, but someone from my neighborhood spotted me nude in the yard (although the roadway is 200 feet from the yard) and they called the police. I was arrested, handcuffed, sent to jail for processing and charged with indecent exposure here in the wonderful state of Virginia. I was released and have a court date on November 6. I did not talk to the police after they read me my rights, and have an attorney. However, it is not fun and I feel a ever infringement on my freedoms, but the laws are not in the nude population's favor at present.