That Naked Guy From Korea

 Several years ago I had a job in Korea and came home twice a year.  During one of my return trips, I went to visit a new friend I had met at a sky-clad gathering during an earlier trip.  During my visit, I accepted her offer to disrobe at my discretion while on her farm and, taking advantage of the deep rural location of her farm, went naked most of the time that I was there.  


After I had returned to my work in Korea, my friend wrote that one of her roommates had groused about, "That naked guy from Korea."  It seems that he was uncomfortable with my lack of attire.  My friend dismissed the complaint as a complaint of a man ashamed of his own body and how he had trashed it.  


I now share residence and life with my friend on her farm and the grouser is long gone.  This story just goes to show that, if we are patiently true to ourselves, life will eventually accommodate us.  


Hoshah Hoshah
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

Good story and enjoy your natural freedom!