My Wife Likes To Be Naked

My wife likes to be naked at home. I like to wear clothes so I do not get the furniture dirty. We have to put towels down for her. I can not get her to wear clothes even in the winter. She does not like to be touched when relaxing naked.

I just wish she would wear clothes so I could open the blinds.

41-45, M
6 Responses Dec 18, 2009

I do not understand your issue with your wife being nude at home. So what if the furniture gets a little dirty. It is nudist etiquette to place a towel on the furniture. I suggest you talk to your wife and find out why she likes being nude and that you join her. Being nude is incredibly liberating and more comfortable than you can possibly imagine.

I wish u knew how lucky u were !

i wish i had your problem. i love it when my babe spends the day nude. i also agree, open the blinds and see what she does. you are a lucky guy

My wife Cheryl loved to be nude around the house, inside and out, and it was either change her or change me. So I would ***** off when I got home from work.She was so sexy standing at the stove cooking with her frilly apron on and nothing else

WOW - wish I had this problem- I would love to see my wife running around the house naked all day.

Open them, she can decide what she wants the neighbors to see.