Not Clothes Minded

I love being nude.   I have gotten to the point where I am nude more during the day than I am clothed.  About the only time I am dressed is when I am going to work.  Once I'm home, the clothes come off.  I enjoy doing everthing nude.  I clean the house, cook, wash clothes, sleep and work on the computer... all in the nude.  During the summer, I sometimes intentionally leave the mail in the box, then go out an get it while nude after the sun goes down.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

I used to deliver Mobile Meals once a week. My route was in a neighborhood that was government subsidizedn housing and almost entirely black. There was one guy I delivered to that was about 45 and had health problems of some sort but I don't know what they were. He almost always answered the door nude and I would have to go in and place the food on his table. Every time he would say "I don't have any clothes on" - like I must be blind. I always thought it was funny. I was tempted to go to his door nude to make the delivery but I guess I would have stuck out like a sore thumb - me being a white guy in a black neighborhood. I was afraid my joke would get me arrested. He said he couldn't wear clothes cause the clothes irritated his skin. He died a couple of years ago (which I was sorry to hear.) When I read his obituary I realized that I had know him from years earlier when he worked at a gas station I used to go to. I always thought him to be humorous and I think of him saying "I don't have any clothes on."