Honestly, I Love to Be Noticed.

Don't ask me why, I just do. I like being set apart from others, seeing as somehow I came in a package most of my life with my younger sister. We're very close in age (a bit more than a year) and sometimes I feel like we're judged as one rather than two. Especially in my dad's family, they call us The Girls rather than Chelsea and Cara even thoguh my brothers somehow are able to break that sort of hinderance.

This is why I like to be alone, but be noticed. Does that make much sense?I suppose I feel better without my sister's  prescence as if people would judge me and my sister as that "Girls" package. Though, truly we are two very different individuals.

I love having people around me and noticing my own individual pros and cons and I like being judged as one person. I like being around people who know me without theprescence of my sister.


Yeah, I know it's bad for me to say that, but that's how I feel.

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1 Response Jun 5, 2007

Actually, it makes perfect sense to me, that you'd like to be noticed for yourself. That's only natural, and even more so if you're usually paired with your sister. It's really important to grow a sense of oneself, without anyone else clouding the picture. Perhaps in time, once you and your sister are mostly on separate life paths and people no longer pair you up in their minds, then being noticed will be less important? Or maybe not. Time will tell. :)