The Little Cabin In The Woods

You never really realize what you have until it is gone; the saying goes and I suppose that is the truth regarding the little cabin in the woods. The reality is it was never really mine, or even my husband's. It always belonged to someone else, but as with most things on a farm, when they have been around for awhile, actual ownership means little; like the deer and other wildlife that have no concept of property lines, things just become part of the farm.

And so it was with this little cabin. From our farmhouse it is perhaps a quarter of a mile away through the woods, but the best path to take was a meandering half mile lane off the road at the bottom of the hill. Because of its placement, the power lines that lead to it, were much farther up the hill and with such distant disparity between the two, few people ever realized the lane lead to anything, much less a cabin. So it was isolated to say the least.

It was just a little thing, perhaps 24 feet wide by 32 feet in length, a Cape Cod style cabin with an upstairs to it. Board piles, trash and old iron of every type lay around its perimeter making it look more forlorn then it already was. Its history has been a flurry of activity, abandonment and then...rinse and repeat. To explain it further, the owners would take an interest in it, put a bunch of work into it and then promptly leave.

The last owner was a middle aged woman, perhaps forty five years of age and obviously suffering from a middle age crisis. Recently divorced, she bought the old cabin and the six acres in encompassed, with dreams of fixing it up, having the quintessential cabin-in-the-woods and a place of retreat. Within a few months time however, the reality of the work, the cost of the maintenance and of course the debilitating property taxes took its toll, and she lost interest in the little cabin in the woods. For years it sat abandoned, surrounded by thousands of acres of woods waiting for someone to claim it and enjoy its tranquil presence.

One day I did just that. On one of my early morning hikes I stumbled across the old cabin, having seen the glint of the morning sun off one of its easterly facing windows and moved closer in nervous anticipation. From the high grass surrounding it, I knew it had not seen occupancy in many years and cautiously moved closer, peering in the windows because I was characteristically nude at the time. It had a big padlock on the door, but there is something engrained in us as humans I think, to explore what others have left behind, and a inherent challenge to get into what other want us out of. Even being a small framed female, completely nude and certainly without tools, I was able to push open a sash of an old window and shinny my way inside.

There was something instantly calming about the old cabin and even to this day I cannot put a reason on why. It had been gutted of everything, ******** down to its studs with just a smattering of wiring left in the walls and no plumbing because the cabin did not have running water. In fact other than a few hand tools, the only thing that remained was a makeshift bed, set up in the corner of the living room which had an end table, a lamp, a bookshelf and a hotplate. A couch and chair lay on the other side of the small 8 by 12 foot room and was obviously where the owner had spent a few nights.

I was being completely brazen. While technically I was breaking and entering, and at the least, trespassing...all while completely naked, I was in my glory. I think it is impossible to disconnect exploration and nudity anyway, and the be physically naked while exploring an old building has got to be one of the most profound feelings for a nudist. As many of you know, I hike barefoot as well as nude, so going from wet grass, to the rough texture of a weather beaten window sill, to the dust covered floorboards, all added to the ambiance of what I was doing.

I spent that first morning just exploring, feeling a strange sort of casualness about it all, but after that it became a sort of second home. Normally, after about 8 am, the world really wakes up and with planes and people moving throughout this part of New England, I feel too timid to hike nude much later than that. But this cabin in the woods gave me a place to go. When I really needed to get away from the stress of the farm, or have an overwhelming desire to get out of my clothes, even if it was in the middle of the day or towards evening, I would make the quarter mile trek through the woods, climb through the window, take off my clothes and just relax.

It was easy to do; with the couch, recliner and bed in close proximity, I would chose a book and begin reading, my bare feet tucked underneath me as I sprawled out nude on the bed, or on the couch or reclined back in the chair with a blanket on me if I was chilled, or my skin sweating a bit if the sun streaming through the window fell on me just right. There was plenty of books to choose from, from a book about the merits of reflexology, to a book of poetry from Edgar Allen Poe. It was one book that caught my interest however, and I read its entirety, all while in the cabin for I would never break the code of ethics I set for myself, and that was to to ever take anything from the it was not mine for the taking. That book however was the book Arabian Night's which was interesting unto itself.

A few times I actually fell asleep, curled up like a nude damsel-in-distress as if lost in the vast New England wilderness who stumbled upon an old abandoned cabin. Indeed I had, but once I actually brought something with me for specific use inside the old ******** out building.

I almost hate to admit that it was a toy because saying so might give people the wrong impression; my nude meanderings in the woods are not for sexual reasons really. Occasionally if it has been a few days since I have been with my husband on the marriage bed I might have a fleeting sexual desire, but mostly going without clothing and shoes is for the freedom of it, and the feeling of the breeze, leaves and air upon my nude skin and feel of the earth under my bare feet. I have never brought such a toy on any of my hikes, but the cabin...well there was just something different about the cabin.

At first I thought it was even silly to bring it having got lost in my book and the location being less than idyllic. I already needed a shower just from feeling the dust that lay on the couch, and the coating of dirt that lay on the soles of my feet, but as I switched my position on the couch and I lay against the armrest with my head parallel to the couch, there was a wanton need to uncross my legs and in fact, spread them a bit.

My husband calls my friendly toy a "Husband Replacer", but I can assure you that is not the case. Should he had been there, my husband husband could have done any manner of dirty things to me, so strong was my desire. Yet it had nothing to do with what I was reading; I was just so relaxed and while everything about the place was wrong, from my presence even being there, to the musky ole smell that it emitted, and the dust that it contained; there was a desire within me for that kind of pleasure, and with the help of my electron powered toy, I obtained a deep, powerful pleasure. In fact, several...such was my need.

Today the cabin still stands, but last weekend I heard activity there and my husband investigated and the place was bought by an out-of-stater. A nice man with ideas, dreams and the income to back it up, so my little haven in the woods will become but a distant memory. I am perfectly okay with that however as the building was falling apart and on the cusp of decay. A few more years and it would have been unrepairable. So it is not an end, just an end to a chapter in the old cabins life.
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You are so right, I do have some freedoms that other people do not have, and while I want to have a baby with my husband more then anyone can really ever know, I also know that it will cut into the freedoms I already have, particularly in reference to time and being able to head out on a whim.

I do want to make one clarification however, and that is the amount of influence this site has had on me. This incident happens to have occurred in the past, but ever since my first story on here...really a confession, I almost feel liberated. Sharing is so great and to be honest with you, I am thinking of adventures to do and then share. In other words, it's encouraging. But I do not want people to think I am boasting, I just know others would like to get out more, but maybe...just maybe with my ability to write, and the ability to get out there nude, they might be able to read my stories and enjoy themselves even if it is vicariously. That is my hope anyway...again not boasting in the least on my end.

One last thing to clarify on, I have been doing a lot in this area of my life latey because of the weather. For the last few months it has been hot and dry and I have been able to get out nude quite a bit. That has changed now. Today it was 35 degrees when I got up and I almost lit a fire in the woodstove...Mt Washington was 23 degrees with 2 inches of it and you will see. I am saddened at this, but we have a short nude season here in New England. But...I try and be positive on things and think with some creativity, I can still entertain my nudist side somehow. It just won't be in nude hikes early in the morning. :-)

We are not in a good position to buy it right now. We are in the process of buying more acreage for the farm, and we thought when that went through we might be able to offer the lady who formerly owed it some money and be done with it figuring in its state that no one would really want it. To be honest with you I thought she was asking a lot for what it was, 10 grand for 6 acres of land on a camp with power, but no running water. Someone else saw its potential however and had the money in hand. I met them and and could not be more happy. They will improve the place and keep it going...and for us, well God is good and has given us a lot as is. I have a lot to be thankful for already.

But yes, you are right, we should have bought it, and though we considered it, we were thinking potentially in a few months and not immediately. No big deal, maybe I should have my husband just build a cabin on some of the acres we already own. :-)

I apologize for the automatically deleted words done by this website. I understand why it is done, but I assure you, I try my level best to be clean and non-offensive when I write and should used the word "gutted", "razed" or "renovated" instead to refer to the cabin's dismantled state instead of the word S T R I P P E D. Sorry for my lack of attention.