Andi In Pgh Pa

I am Andi from Pittsburgh Pa and I just love to be nude or at least pants-less. I do have a very small uncut penis that I keep smooth and I have no problem letting it be seen by anyone. Most males with little pp's like mine are ashamed to let it be seen but not me, I will show it to anyone. I figure you either have a penis or seen one so why not let it been seen. I have one friend that has a penis just a little bigger than mine and he won't even get nude in front of his wife WTF by the way his wife has seen mine and told me this. His sister once ask me if she could see my penis and I showed her and I thought he was going to die LOL I have show mine to a lot of her girl friends also . Being uncut a lot of girls like to see it and I love to show it.

Thanks for being nude
littlecox4 littlecox4
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

I just love penises of all sizes, cut and uncut, soft and hard. I especially love smoothly shaved or trimmed ***** (and ******* for that matter). I hate a jungle of pubic hair hiding such beautiful organs as other men's *****. I'm still hoping to meet the right guy someday to give him my anal cherry, and I think a small pp would be best for such an occasion. I am also a naturist and get so empowered when I'm nude, like on a nude beach, swimming nude and walking forest trails with only shoes on. Thanks for sharing.