Dancing To Heavens Song

Standing on the mountains edge looking out to a ocean black, wave upon wave hit the side as all of heaven does acry. Standing there on the edge of a knife as the heavens flash with light, illuminating a world in chaos and of beauty. The waves reach up and the sky does answer, rain falls like time, heavens mirror of the oceans rage, trying to drown all the world heavens tears.The sound of thunder as it follows lightnings path, shaking earth and soul alike. Have you ever danced upon that edge, to the lights of heaven symphony, to the tempo of the thunders cry, within the rains embrace. Have you ever laughed and cried at such a beautiful song, as the rain falls from your head and lightnings flash does fade from your eyes, can you ever imagine, being anywhere else?
KingofAngelus KingofAngelus
18-21, M
Jan 13, 2013