Love Paddles

My wife has gotten used to spanking me when I ask her to do it, typicaly as foreplay. she has used an old leather belt and a long thin stick. Well the other day she grabbed a paddle type thing and smacked my *** but good and boy was it red. since then I have pointed to it on her workshop table and she will paddle me with it. I think the effect of that paddle is better than the belt. either implement used on my butt by my wife is fine, but there is something great about the paddle.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I agree. There is something about seeing the paddle come out that just makes you want to be spanked with it. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you are told to bend over, until the first swat lands and the incredible sting it produces, then the sting left in your paddled rear (maybe coupled with tears streaming down your face) while your hands fly to your freshly paddled rear and rub furiously trying to diffuse the sting.

yes, paddles hurt like hell. It's hard to imagine the pain. But for some reason after it's over and when I think about it, I like it. Don't like it while it's happening, but the anticipation before and the aftermath is cool