Learning To Be A Masochist

I knew I was submissive years ago. Dominants also saw it and enjoyed knowing they likely were going to get their way.  It started when a dominant woman asked to take me to a dungeon on a New Years eve.

She made sure I was wearing panties beneath the jeans that night.  They were going to be the last item removed, and she wanted others to be able to see them.

She them fastened my arms and ankles to the X so that my *** was centered for the swattings that were to follow.  She made certain that I watched as a belt, ruler, cane and paddle were brought our for her use.  She started with her hand, and she could have finished with her hand if she chose.  My *** was red before she picked up the ruler and started.  The ruler may have made it redder, but I could not see it.  She made it clear I would have trouble sitting for the remainder of the night. The cane stung, and I knew welts were becoming visible and bruises starting to form. By then tears were streaming from my eyes.  She did not care, she was becoming very happy.  The paddle was not needed, but it took my *** to black and blue colors which lasted most of two weeks.

Since then I have experienced swats from both men and other women.
donn2 donn2
61-65, M
Jan 14, 2013