I Want to Be

This is the only way to be, to respect others and to treat them the way I want to be treated.  I can't be perfect to everyone but I will never hate anyone.  I want to be know as a gentle person that is polite to everyone.

carriewpd carriewpd
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4 Responses Feb 20, 2009

No, that would be talking to someone in the only a way that they would understand.

i don't ever get mad. don't know why but that's the way i am. <br />
<br />
well lie last night i had go run some dude off that was making my dogs bark and his story was that he was walking his dog. at 3:00 am so i said something to the fact get your F****** dog get the f**** awa from my fence line. that would count as getting pissed right?

I try, and will no doubt explode some day!

I agree with what you are saying, unfortunately, I have a little bit of a temper at times.