Love Wearing Diapers

I first experienced with diapers a while ago. I hated having to stop to use th bathroom on long car rides so I decided to buy a pack of diapers for this long trip. I put the diaper on before I left my house and actually liked the feel of it. Well Ihad been on the road for a good 2 1/2 and had to pee but felt uncomfortable and decided to hold it a while longer.  Well the urge to go was overpowering and I thought I would just let out a little stream to help take some of the pressure off well that little stream was stronger that i expected and I emptied my bladder completely. I really liked the warm feeling as I wet myself ever since then I have loved being in diaprs.    

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

For myself, I have found that if I just let a little pee out and stop, then repeat doing that a few more time, that the volume of pee is a lot more. One thing I'm careful about is leaking out of my diaper while I'm in the car though, cus I don't want it to smell like a little kids room. Thats why I have vinyl seats : )

It's the only way to travel. I always try to pee as slowly as possible. It feels so much better pretending I'm trying to stay dry, but letting out little squirts.

i have worn diapers for many years and am use to peeing in and do poo in them to