Even Throwing A Fit

Yesterday after work I got a 44 oz pop and took a water pill and headed home. Its a long drive so I really had to pee when I pulled in my drive way I got out of the car and got my stuff I tryed but couldn't hold it I wet my pants a lot as I walked in the house there was my wife who loves to be mommy and loves me diapered she sayed you little baby I seen you stand out there and wet your pants so take your little butt to corner having did this many times before and didnt get in trouble this was new to me so I did not know what I was in for but I went to corner she went and got dry cloths and the diaper bag she run my bath water and came got me. We went in the bath room I started to unbutton my pants she sayed no no she undressed me and I got in the tub she washed me up whin I got out I relized she got me a oneze and my Mickey mouse overalls I don't were my baby close during the day very often so I started throwing a fit. Which she didn't like she said 8:30 bed time now lay down and get your diaper on so I did I love whin she diapers ma I feel a bond and a closeness like no other. It was a blast
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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Be nice to mommy ;-)