Getting Too Relaxed

I was dating with this ex bf of mine for 3 months and he kept begging me for *** action. I did agree to it and we tried a few times but it hurt too much to go on.

Once, I decided to be brave and handle it once and for all. I let him start, yet crying softly and telling him to slow down. He told me to relax, but I had to squeeze because it felt like I needed to use the bathroom but he said his manhood was touching a muscle that gave me that impression. So I thought it was nothing to worry about. Anyway, the pain soon wasn’t as bad but it still bothers me. I began to feel more relaxed, but wasn’t too happy with the action.

Suddenly, I feel something wet. I thought it was the lube running down my butt, so I ignored it. Then when he finished, he told me to stay there. He took some paper towels and wiped his fluids off my *** and quickly, suspiciously took them away from me. Then we went to shower.

Later that night he confessed that I peed and even pooped a little during ordeal. I was embarrassed, but thankfully we laughed it off. He never tried to go up there since.
QueenNicole QueenNicole
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******* and a little tongue penetration or an iserted wiggly finger are about about as much action I need or care to give.

Some times untrained nubies often get a Surprise!

Anal sex, when done properly is a wonderful experience for both you and your man ! you have to have an ****** or 2 under your belt . you have to relaxed. have your lover kiss lick suck and rim your lil pretty *** hole til you are comfy . then make sure he uses enough lube on you and his **** ! best and most enjoyable position for newbies , is you on top. you can control the speed and length of penetration in your ***. try it agin babe, you ll love it !

I love to start oral sex with a woman by giving a back massage, a great *******, then work over her sweet kitty.

if you ever had anal done properly, you would never want to go back to the old way . its absolutely fantastic.

Thank you (, wow that's a mouthful to say, never mind write...:)<br />
******* is a beautiful and wonderful experience for both men and women alike, and I hope you (QueenNicole) have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of ******* with someone willing to take his/her time with you and make it an extremely pleasurable experience for you...:)<br />
( and for everyone else as well)

First off, I am sorry your bf did not know how to give you a wonderful anal experience. It can be and is a wonderful act if done properly, with proper preperation and care.<br />
<br />
But you all need to do a little research, ******* is quite different than anal sex.<br />
******* is a form of oral anal sex, anilingus to be more specific, and it is wonderful, especially when leading up to anal intercorse. <br />
<br />
Here is to hoping your next experience is done with care and affection and you are properly prepared for the experience. You will enjoy ******* too, I know you will...:)

eeeew... I already don't like this rear action much, and now I have a whole NEW reason to not like it!!!!!

oh ****...................!! lol

You may not want to go there again. I'd suggest if you do that you do a little home work. One of you needs to know how to do this type of stuff and by the sound of it perhaps no one did.<br />
<br />
For the penetrator, from my experience, it is like having a virgin. I can't tell you exactly what women get out of it, but I've known many that say they like it.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing.

I would just stay away from that if I were you...

you have not lubricated?