Seen By Mailman

6 years after puberty hit, I was bold enough to save my own money and buy sexy underwear that I saw my friends wear in the locker room. I rode my bike to JC Penny and bought a tube of Jockey Eliance briefs. They were bikini cut, a far more mature style than the white briefs with a fly I had grown up wearing. To me is was a right of passage to buy my own underwear and own bikini briefs.

I had the house to myself on Saturdays. I enjoyed watching MTV in my briefs and playing with my **** in my bikini briefs when home alone.

We had a large picture window that faced West which had the mailox right next to it. The mailman needed to walk up to it and pass it to insert mail in the mailbox. The window faced 3 houses at the end of a dead-end street. Our postman would walk up one side of the street and cross at the dead-end and walk towards my window.

I was shy at first. I'd just sit in a club chair slouched down practically laying back so I could watch my bulge as I played with my morning erection for a while. Neighboorhood dogs barking were my signal the mailman was approaching. At first he saw me sitting, just in my briefs.

I figured I'm in my house, can't get arrested for indecent exposure for being in your own home naked or in your underwear....right?

The thrill was just exciting with the possibility of being seen in my underwear. He'd walk past my window so swiftly I didn't think he saw me.

The next Saturday I made a point to be standing in front of the TV just in my bikini briefs eating a bowl of cereal.... (sexy right?) To my surprise, he waved!

HE Totally saw ME! I jacked off immediately re-living the moment in my mind.

I should point out that the mailman was a college guy. Super hot, fit and ... what more can I say?

over the next few weeks I'd wait for the mail to come, so I could ***. LOL

I got bolder and would open the door as I'm putting on a robe. Obviously pretending to be decent enough to cover up my erection in my underwear. He would walk up and then hand me the stack of mail. I'd let the robe fall open as I reached for the stack and watch his eyes drop to my briefs. I felt especially sinful while wearing red....He would always smile back at me.

I had fantasy's of inviting him in and letting him jack me off or suck me.

Still have fun remembering catching him looking at my erection in my underwear. I felt ashamed, but aroused and embarrassed but it was soooo erotic in my mind.

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4 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Very nice!!! you might just as well shown up naked one day to surprise him. I think he will hand you something other than the mail, lol......

Hot story

I do get it! The sexy Jocky underwear, the mailman, everything!!

Very hot experience!