Such A Good Girl

I have a good empathy for what words for the right reactions at the proper time. It has been very interesting in my greatest of relationships remembering each and every title that My lovely has worn. I can tell she feels more than just the names changing, but also the sanctity involved.

She started as a student, learning from be about the basics of the lifestyle. I made sure to give her the best of advice and led her to the proper textbooks. I wanted to learn more about this fascinating woman, to see all her likes and dislikes to better lead her in the right direction. I see myself as a good teacher and I know that lessons must be tailored for the best of students. I found myself wanting more as the days passed, her answers and needs were so very similiar to what I had been searching for without knowing it. Everything in its proper time, though. I wanted to be sure and as the days passed I knew the answer in my mind. I wanted her as a submissive. There was some distance between us, an international border in fact, but I knew that would not matter in the long run. I had found my submissive.

She wanted the same things, so that title was a natural transition. The difference between a submissive and slave is quite great. A submissive has a life outside of the relationship. When together her attention is to be held. I thought at the time that this was all I was ready for accepting. lovely was successful in her field, an intelligent and hardworking businesswoman. Her goals in life were to do what it took to succeed, despite long hours and time apart from one another. I felt her supplication, I enjoyed it. The submission and the sex and the discussions were amazing. I realized this was someone I wanted completely in my life. She began asking if it would be possible for us to physically meet and if that could happen often. I felt that bond growing and increasing and I knew the next step was waiting for us. I asked her to be my slave.

lovely has served me well as a slave. she knows that this is a very serious a life long commitment. I have been honest about my life before, telling her of my own flaws. There is not a time when I do not hear the pleasure in her voice since I chose her. We do not live together yet, but that time is coming before the end of the year. I've introduced her to the limits of her tolerance for pain and taught her that there are no emotions or burdens she can express that I cannot handle or alleviate. As a proper slave should do, lovely has learned to need. Her thoughts turn to me when she needs the support. She knows I will hold her when the pain is too great or when the words can no longer express the thoughts. I hold the leash and she wears her collar well.I have never been so proud of a partner before. She has taken every challenge I have given and grown stronger in the process.

lovely is Mine and is such a good girl.

Leatherheart Leatherheart
36-40, M
Jan 30, 2010