My Wife Makes Me Kneel In Front Of Her

This happened a few years ago. My wife & I had a little argument and she snapped at me in a very dominant manner. To my surprise I became very quickly turned on and we ended the argument with a good ****. I mentioned to her how turned on I got when she became quite dominant and she asked if I'd like to do it again. When I said yes I started to feel very excited.
The next day I was home before my wife. She walked in wearing a smart jacket, pencil skirt and white blouse, and looking very sexy. She asked if I wanted to play a game and I said yes. She then walked around the house closing all the curtains before she turned to me and told me to *****. She stood there with her arms crossed as I took all my clothes off. When I was naked she made me kneel in front of her and kiss her shoes. I was then told to lift her skirt, kissing her legs as I lifted it. I was surprised and very pleased to see that she was wearing stockings and suspenders and no panties. I licked and kissed her thighs and ***** before she turned round and made me kiss and lick her bum. After a while she told me to stop and stand before her. She lightly slapped my face, although it stung a little, and told me that I wasn't doing well enough and to start again. I almost came when she slapped me. She leant back against the wall as I got on my knees and again licked and kissed her *****. After a while I was told to stand up and **** her. So she leant back against the wall with her legs apart whilst I bent at the knees and pushed my **** into her. It was an incredible ****. After we both came she sat on a sofa, still with her skirt around her waist and made me lick her clean. Then I sat with her and had a little cuddle. I thanked her for an incredible experience.
Later that night in bed I asked her where her panties were. She asked me if I liked her going out in stockings suspenders and no panties. I said yes, very much so. She said that she would do it again and only if I was very nice to her would she tell me when, where and under what circumstances her panties were removed, but that wouldn't be now.
Later she told me about the circumstances of her panties being taken off.
Over the next few years we repeated this scenario. When we planned to do it she always lifted her skirt to her waist just before she left for work to let me see that she was wearing panties and then at night when I was on my knees before her lifting her skirt I would find that they had been taken off during the day.
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Thats very suspicious she must be playing away still do your getting an amazing experience i'd nearly settle for that too lol

What a wonderful Woman she must be, you have a Goddess there my friend!

you have become a sissy hubby...!

Wait until she has you sucking her strap on!