The Gym......warming Up.

You see me pull up to the gym, watching me from your car. I get out, trying to muster the energy for the impending workout when you come behind me, grabbing my arm. You learn in close so that I can feel your growing **** and whisper in my ear, you're coming with me.

We get in your car and tell me to sit still, be quiet..and you'll bring me back later. tell me, 'If you're not quiet, you'll regret it.'

You continue to one point grabbing my hair and pushing my face down on your thigh, where your **** twitches as I get near it. I start to speak and you tell me to be quiet..or you'll fill that mouth of mine.

As I lay there, I can feel you getting harder, I feel a bit fearful, but even more excited. My body is betraying me, as I get wet and actually start to want what's inevitably to come.

The car comes to a stop, and you pull me upright by my hair and order me out. I get out, shut the door and wait for you to come around to me. As I see you walking towards me, my body continues to betrays me. My God you're fit..and young? What the hell are you doing with me?

I am wet, and that feeling is growing in my stomach. I can only pray it doesnt reach my eyes. You grab my hand and drag me towards the door.

Once inside you say.... 'Bathroom is to the right, clean up! come back down the hall and to the last door on the left. Do not run, do not disobey me.

I listen, knot in stomach growing. I walk down the end of the hall and enter the back bedroom. I find you standing there with nothing but your jeans on. You're even more defined than I suspected. Tan, strong...

You are next to the bed, and tell me to come to you. You spin me around so that my back is to you. You pull me against you. Now there's no mistake about the size of your raging hard on. Your strong hands grasp my breasts, firmly. Rolling my nipples between your fingers.

Unsuspectingly, you push me forward, where I land on the bed. On all fours, you tell me. I slowly lower to all fours. You walk around the bed to where I am facing, eye level with your ****.

You lower your zipper and unbutton your pants. Exposing the largest penis I have ever eyes grow large. What do you plan to do with it, where the hell is that going...

Answering my thoughts, you take your **** out of your pants and smack me gently in the face with it..circling my lips with the tip. Lie down you say, and I do. Roll over, and I do. I am now on my back, facing you.
You stand closer to the bed, giving me a worm's eye view of your **** and balls.. You lean over me and roughly grab my shirt, ripping it upwards. My heaving breasts are stretched tight against the barely there bra, spilling over the cups. You flick my nipples, for being so hard. And then rip off my bra.

Standing back up straight, you again guide your **** towards my mouth. Take it! You order, and I start to suck and slurp your enormity. My god my mouth has never been stretched so far. I have to use my hands to help.
Your tip is smooth, perfect. Your **** fills my mouth, with only the part of it. My head is bobbing, back and forth, while sucking you. I taste the first sweet drops of pre-*** as you ever so slightly leak into my mouth. My hand is moving up and down your shaft, my drool used as a lube. Your balls are brushing against my forward, drawn tight with that load that needs to be released.

Unexpectedly, you pull away from me and force me to roll over. Roughly you push my head up and grab my hips pulling them towards you. I find my self face down on the bed, your hand on the back of it, bent over at the waist, with my feet on the floor and *** in the air. I feel your hands, one on each cheek , as you spread them to look over the holes that you intend to take, tease and tantalize, whether I want it or not.

What the have just spit into the fold of my ***. No sooner than I realize this, I feel you insert a finger in my ***. No! I squirm..fidgeting. You growl at me, saying ' be still, or I will put something larger up there'. I try to relax, but am still slightly tense.

Next I feel you penetrate my other hole, slipping what feels like two, maybe three fingers deep inside me. I hear you say' You're wet! You ****, you're liking this arent you?'. Im silent, but my body has stopped's yielding to your touch.

You like this dont you - you say, as you deliver a sharp blow to my ***. Im still silent, shocked by the stinging sensation left on my ***. Another slap! Answer me, you growl. 'yes' I grab my hair and pull my head back so that your mouth - those red lips, sweet, strong red lips - are next to my ear and you say 'louder' and tug my hair. yes! I say defiantly. and sink my head down. Your fingers are no longer inside me. You have brought them to my mouth, where I can smell my juices on them. Now your putting them in my mouth, so I can taste myself on you. Gently I suck and nibble your fingers, the same two that felt so good thrusting deep inside me just moments earlier.
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Yes wonderful girl !!

truly a woman with a vision, you have a million dollar fantasy with desires you still keep close to you,

More to come later..working on living this out with the 23 y/o.