Where Have All The Dominate Men Gone

I am a 37 year old female. I have search all my life for a man to control me. I have control in my careers. But when it comes to personal and home I want a man to control me not in a mean way. Guess I am looking for my fifty shades of grey. Does it even exist? Are there any man like that?
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

There are plenty. Add and message me babygirl

Add me and maybe we can find out if I am your 50 shades of grey! I'm in Okla. City so not to terribly far.

It is a shame isnt it? Its the older men that are the last hope possibly.. All the feminist groups that said men need to be more sensitive and all that crap - As a counselor, i see more relationships where the woman grew up in a strict home and is married to a wimp. With work, kids and the house, they are looking for that time of needing a form of loss of control, to submit.. Your post was a very open and honest one..

Never read it. But if you want to lead different types of ife (home? work? social?) then I think you should find a switch. You'll find a guy, I'm certain