They Dont Understand

i get so many comments from people(ok..mostly guys.....sorry)that think that being a submisive is all about kneeling and abuse. they could not be more wrong. i try to explain that serving my man and doing what he asks me and making him happy makes ME happy! he treats me like a princess and i love doing things he asks of me even if i dont always understand them. so i guess once and for all......i m a happy person and being submisive does not make me less of a person!
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Absolutely right. I love very assertive, hot sexually, women who freak out when they see my birthday suit and become sexually submissive to please me and enjoy my endowment. I treat them all with kindness and respect.

Your absolutely right. Submission is giving of yourself. It's loyalty, trust, communication and devotion. It's not about sex. Sex is the bonus that is earned. Be yourself little one and enjoy life. Let come what may..

as some have said, what matters most is that ur happy... and it sounds like you know more about urself than many people ever know.... im still a long way from fully understanding ur lifestyle, but you reinforced my understanding that a dom/sub power exchange can be complex, often symbiotic and always by choice, there's a huge difference between sub and slave, and most doms want their sub to feel happy and well cared for...<br />
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again, what matters most is that ur happy... but im real glad you took a chance and started this thread... ur approach has attracted many rational responses, and everyone benefits if even one more person acquires more understanding of diverse lifestyles...

As long as you are happy :~)

you are Absolutely don't understand it some times because they are thinking with their you know what for sure not the brain lol..

haha! may be right there Sir :) thank you

You are right, most men don't understand that

I totally agree with you honey. I am looking for exactly that. I want a dom that isn't abusive, as I don't like to be mistreated. It sounds like you have a keeper.

Speaking as a Mistress it is not in my interests to make my ***** unhappy. I see my role as providing my sub everything she desires. Of course I dominate and control. If I were not to my slave would be sad and unfulfilled.

Thank You Miss :)

thanx all!!! nice to know there are people who do understand after all:D

I like the way you think and there is nothing wrong with that ,and if it works :)

This is because there are some pathetic men who view our lifestyle as a license to live out abusive fantasies and really can not comprehend the love and trust involved. This life depends on a mutually beneficial loving bond between two consenting persons. It is a beautiful caring life but some sick persons enter this life for the purpose of causing harm to others. This is sad and tragic and precisely why it is so important to be cautious when choosing partners