Wife And I Serve Our Dom Together

My wife and I have been playing with the same man now and have built up a level of comfort with him. What started out as us sucking his **** together with some light domination has turned into a regular thing. He has expressed a desire to have sex with both of us, but we are not there yet. However we have slowly progressed to the point where we let him use sex toys on both of us and I will let him *** on my face. Recently he finally had sex with my wife.
The night started with us going to his home and him leading us to his BDSM room. He ordered us both to ***** and immediately put a cuff on around my balls which he uses to apply various amounts of pressure/pain to them as he sees fit. He then bound my wrists slightly behind me with a chain that connected to the ball cuff. So if I moved too much, my balls would take a beating. He then proceeded to put nipple rings on my wife and bind her arms behind her at the wrists and above the elbows. He placed a blindfold on my wife and led her to a narrow table and bent her over. He then bent me over the same table. He stood in front of my wife and fed his hard **** into her mouth as I watched. After sucking him for a few minutes, he then had me suck his ****. After getting blown by both of us, he walked behind us and proceeded to squirt some lube on both of our ********. He proceeded to slide a normal size ***** in my wife’s *** which made her gasp with pain. He then turned his attention to me and slid an anal ***** in my ***. While it felt like a Coke can, it definitely was designed for anal play and was much smaller than the one rammed into my wife.
He then undid my wife’s restraints, turned her over on her back and connected her cuffs to eye hooks in the table. Once restrained again, our dom made her worship his balls with her tongue and ****** her mouth roughly. After finishing with her mouth, the dom pulled the chain attached to her nipples to make her **** stand up and slapped both of her **** repeatedly with his open hand. This drew shrieks from my wife as the dom the proceeded to flog her spread open *****. Every time the flog cracked her *****, my wife would yelp. After making her **** and ***** red and sore, the dom decided to **** my wife. He began by dominantly thrusting his **** balls deep in her then continued by pounding her mercilessly while kneading her ****. My wife was making all kinds of noises driven by both pleasure and pain. Occasionally the dom would flog my wife’s **** some more then use it on my ***. He also worked the ***** in and out of my *** a couple times while ******* her. After beating my wife’s ***** with his **** and making her ***, he pushed deeply into her and emptied his balls into her well used *****. As soon as he finished *******, he pulled me from the table and stuck my head between her legs. He told me to clean her ***** and empty the ***. I did as told, which forced me to swallow his ***. My wife practically has another ****** from being eaten out right after sex. After cleaning her up, he fed his **** into my mouth and ordered me to clean him as well. I did causing me to swallow some more of his ***.
After satisfying him he told me he wanted to watch me **** my wife in the ***. Normally after taking care of him he liked to watch and direct us *******, but this would be the first time we would do anal in front of him. The dom told me to **** her *** like he did her *****. If not my punishment would be him pulling the chain attached to my ball cuff as hard as he could. He gave me a quick example and I almost begged him to stop. I ****** my wife’s *** as told and continued to be flogged on my *** by the dom. He continued to bark at me harder, harder! I ****** her *** as hard as I could and caused her to scream in pain. While *** ******* her the dom walked over and choked her. This apparently caused him to get aroused as he jerked off on her face while I ****** her and he choked her. The dom then told me to *** on her face too. So I pulled out, walked over and shot a huge load of *** on my wife’s face. The dom then told me to scoop our mixed *** into her mouth which I did. Upon my wife swallowing the last of the ***, the dom told me I would be next.
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Very nice and similar to what I like to do with sub couples !!!

I'd love to watch and maybe even assist your Dom in your training !

this soooo hot, luv to be there tooo.......

Love your story and very envious of your situation. To serve together as a couple greatly enhances the experience for both of you. To watch your wife suck another man's **** or to feel the humiliation as she watches you suck his ****. Great experiences!

u have me throbbing and leaking like mad

That would be such hot experience. Not only to see your wife used but to be used yourself too and dominated like that! Wow! Too bad he didn't **** your *** too though :(

Good to play together.

Hot story ! you two have one exciting kinky love life ! wow !

Hot story