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     In my world I'm the strong one. I'm the one making the majority of the decisions. My fiancee is the bread winner of the family but he leaves it up to me what to do with the money. I'm in charge of the kids and I'm usually the one who punishes them because I'm with them all day.

     When it comes to sex, I'm usually the one who initiates that too. I don't mind at all be ing the rock, so to speak, but sometimes it would be nice for him to take control. I like having the control with most things but when it comes to sex I want him to completely dominate me. For him to come home and throw me on the bed and have his way with me. He's very old fashioned when it comes to sex and he has the utmost respect for me which is nice. I respect how he is but that wild side of me wants him to just f*cking **** the sh*t out of me! LOL! We are always so prim and proper. Sex is great and I always ***. But I wanna be bad and kinky!

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That really works? I mean, I thought when a man got upset (regardless of reason) that his 3rd leg lost all power, LOL. I love being funny, but seriously, that works?

You might want to try provoking a fight and then demanding sex. He might be so worked up that when he complies (because he's submissive) he might turn quite dominant (his thought being "well she wants sex, I'll show her)... Just an idea... And I only shared because a good friend of mine had a similar problem and this is what she did - & it worked. Good luck.

its not that easy. he doesnt have any imagination. if i told him to meet me at a bar and pretend i was some random chic and pretend we were both different people he would laugh! i have found that he too likes to be submissive. im gona do some research on how to be a dom. it so funny how my entire sexual life i have never felt as insecure as when im with him. i have never met a guy so uninterested in sex. yes i have questioned him about him being gay. we both agree that hes "a-sexual". its something i have to live with.

The next time You and he are going to make love, Tell him that he can do what he wants and you don't want him to tell you ahead of time. Then explain what a safe word is. This needs to be done in conversation, not when you guys are in the bed starting. He may have a monster just waiting for you to give it permission to come out.

Needit - I think you may be onto something. Women have been reading paperback romance novels for decades. The women who read them, LOVE them! A man, who dominates and "takes" the heroine, is always one of the main characters. Interesting? And in most of the animal kingdom, if a male is strong enough and virile enough, the female can do little but submit to him. Perhaps the natural, sexual order of the lower animals applies to humans as well? Just a thought from someone who knows what a release (and a relief?) it is to allow someone else to be "the boss" in one area of my life.

Just my opinion but I think most Ladies like their men take control in the bedroom. I've found from experience and conversation that even the most publicly poised assertive women like to be told what to do in bed.

i could ask him but that would be asking a guy who cant even say the word c*ck in front of me. it is quite endearing but i think he was blowing smoke. i can only hope he proves me wrong!

Maybe you should ask him what he meant - instead of asking here..............maybe he is ready to be unleashed and he's giving you hints - you wouldn't want to breeze by the opportunity to explore your desires!

what do you think he means by it? is he trying to warm me? or just tease me? because that comment definitely moistened my undies.

well the funny thing is, just last night i told him i wanted to have sex. when the kids went to bed we were flirting a little and i said something about him not being able to handle it. he says to me- you might want to be careful because one of these days you might unleash a monster. i held back the eye role and said to him- i have been trying to unleash that side of you for a while now! lol