I am submissive NOT a slave... as a quote I recent y read states, "Submissives need to be told what to do. Slaves need to do what they are told. -- Unknown"  I would be a really bad slave because I don't always do what I am told.  I have a mouth on me and know how to use it.

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Oh now THERE'S one for ya fungirl... (the comment above mine......) Get on that will ya?



Sorry.... so close though...

I will get right on that Ruby. Giggles not.

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you have a super mouth, now put a lip lock on this big black ****

I like the quote...actually helps me a bit. I'm new to D/s and trying to figure out the best way to discuss things with my bf who introduced me to being a sub. :-)

Thank you.

Well said :) my kind of woman:))

My Sgt doesn't see me as something to fix Sissy. He sees me as a woman that loves him enough to allow him control. I wish he was here tonight to weigh in but he is out working (as am I but I can work and play on EP at the same time lol) He doesn't force anything on me that I am not ready for. It is about pushing further but not about force.

nothing ROPES and a GAG can not fix!!! LOL

You sound well balanced fungirl. Sometimes I find that a sub craves a certain experience in our scenes and I pride myself in being able to make that happen by being creative and attentive. I learned that the hard way, though. When I was just starting out, I couldn't quite make it challenging enough for my sub. I didn't make it enough of a mindfuck. But I sure as hell do these days.

I very much trust my boyfriend/Dom but he I have never seen myself as a slave nor will I ever be in that position. As far as being attentive I get all the attention I need and more. My life is not about sex or being submissive however. i live it as happily as I can. Being a submissive is just part of me... it is not the whole.

That's what we call topping from the bottom. I think that usually happens when you either don't trust your Dom or when he is not imaginative or attentive enough. Just my opinion.

Not at all.

exactly. and there are many rules to be lived by but I like to break as many as possible. :)


This one is in need of discipline.

I have always known I was submissive but when I met my guy we just fell into the roles naturally. I know simply by the inflection in his voice whether he is happy or not. We have a very respectful relationship and I like the way things are. He would be the first to tell you I am not a slave because I certainly have a mind of my own. lol

:) It is all fun... when it stops being fun that is when you get out.

Thanks for posting that quote FG It helps me identify myself a little better (something I have struggled with for a good few years) --- I used to lable myself as a Semi-sub for want of a better explanation --- --- All in good fun though --- hehehehehe

Good points RopeGamer.


:) I like playing with my guy outside the bedroom too. I like to play inside and outside. ((Hugs sweetie)) I have a mind of my own and I speak up if I feel I am not treated fairly.



Slaves do not ALWAYS obey. We, oops, I mean they sometimes require discipline for misbehavior.

Elbows, You are right about that sir, of course.

But I love it lol

Thanks Hadar.

Jon - Dominant bottom - I like it! I was told more than once that I control from the bottom. But not by telling them what to do to me, but by just being me... fungirl - I loved your quote!


Well put. I like to tell a woman what to do to me. I call myself a dominant bottom.

oops ogier I missed your comment lol. <br />
<br />
I love to have fun and play but there is a time to get serious. (hugs Aimee)

haha....well thats for sure.....there are always those times one should just be smart enough not to say anything.....have fun :-)

Hehe! Aimee there are times that I know better than to say anything. lol<br />
<br />
NS, ((sticks tongue out at NS.... See no holes))

haha.....I know what you mean!!! I can be quite a brat at times....but it makes things more interesting. It would be so boring if I just did what I was told and said nothing :-p

LOL ((sticks tongue out at MMX))

Wow, now how am I supposed to sleep. I will be up all night thinking about this.


"a mouth on me and know how to use it." My wife does also. hmmmmmm

LOL I think so darling as usual.

LMAO because I will be in control and getting what I want. There will be no need for conversation.

LMAO and some new handcuffs too baby lol. Don't forget that. Those are for you though. hehe!

LOL oh no I wouldn't say that but I am very much in control of my mouth lol.

I see ;) OK ...ur a director..

hehe! :)

Not even going to say it..