Who Am I?

I am submissive not a slave as funnygirl put it. And I don't take on TASKS. In the bedroom I will follow not lead. Dose that make sense? Many Self Declared Doms like to give orders and expect you to carry out in your daily life, that's bunch of Bull. My two cents.. is all.I

I love sex and I enjoy your malehood and I am a worshiper too. For that I expect respect and intimacy in return.

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I believe every woman deserves respect and intimacy. I expect to be a leader in the bedroom, but I appreciate a woman who can express her desires, can seduce me, and can satisfy my dessires without needing instructions.

Your last two sentences are so very right ... for me too.

You can be bound and be pleased. I wonder about how to define the barriers. If you want to be bound, then you may want to lose control. However, you can set up something that gives you back that control, but then would you really be out of control?

I wish to lose control but then again, if I've no control there is nothing to lose. lol. I don't wanna be bound, period. Occasional blind folding is okay by me, that's how I define barrier.

My issues is my body likes the lack of control. My mind says no.

I think that's a great perspective. I think women should be able to stand up for themselves...

you have no clue about the True Lifestyle!!

i understand and agree, though the real turn on for me is actually being used.<br />
i like him to bend me over, slam hois **** in me, do his deeds and go away. i can get physical pleasure also by myself, but knowing that ha knows that he doesn't even need to ask -though he always does- is priceless.<br />
<br />
this is without prejudice to respect, though

@Johnashford, you need a bit of dominant woman at least to start out with to show you the right path. Trust me on that. You look cute.

For me, whenever I was with a girl I did tend to be pretty dominant and was turned on by submission of the girl. With men though, I feel more turned on by being the one to submit. Strange?

It's our mission to pleasure you, Scotty. You define perfection. We both are indebted to you with all our essence.

SJ, perfect desc<x>ription of a submissive woman. Women are born submissive whether we accept it or not that besides the point. We submit to a man in our bedroom as he is the one who takes the lead and show us the pathway to heavenly pleasure. This has been theme in my stories, I just don't label it as such. I take pride in myself and I am worthy of what my man has to offer me. When I am with him I am his cause that's where I belong.

Yes I agree respect and intimacy two great things.......

There must be a multi-dimensional continuum between 'submissive' and 'dominant' and all places between. Who is it that can say where one ends and another begins? All words to me.

I too like your position on this. It makes things in the bedroom or wherever you may be more fun!

I hear you, Sarah.

There are many different ways to practice BDSM. It doesn't have to be about chores or about pain. It's simple dominance and submission. It can be sensual, loving, and funny. It doesn't have to be extreme. I love being dominated, told what to do, talked dirty to, humiliated, etc. but I don't like pain at all. Submission is fun and sexy. To each his/her own.

I love your take on this. It makes sense to me. Well said.

No, I could never get into the real hardcore 24/7 BDSM relationship. But BDSM play can be kept going for hours, days even - it can be the longest, most exciting foreplay. Or it can become an obsession. As for safewords - it takes a long time to get to know someone so well you don't need a safeword, and even than can you be really sure your Dom won't suddenly come up with a new idea? Well, you can live in hope, I suppose.<br />
The people I find very odd are those who are so into BDSM it doesn't really have anything to do with sex. I steer well clear of them, I can tell you!

Bristolweer, thank you for your comments. Although I am submissive but I too can take charge if the heat of the moment calls for it. My lover should know me enough so I don't have to use the safe word. He knows how far he can go with me. Play is one thing but I am not into true bdsm type relationship.

I think I understand exactly what Bonnie means. C'mon, guys, most of you love it when your woman takes charge, dontcha? I play on the sub/dom/BDSM fringes. I can switch very happily and easily, in a good relationship slipping effortlessly bewteen sub and dom and back. But I had to make it clear to the Domme women I met that they shouldn't assume that any submissiveness I showed extended beyond the moment.<br />
<br />
I can be tied up, spanked, enforced, controlled, but you're never truly out-of-control - or you shouldn't be. Even the subbest subs have safe-words, the word that means 'Stop' when you really, really mean 'Stop'. And the rest of my life is MY life. For me, an important part of submissiveness, whether on my part or the part of the person I'm with, is that you're giving yourself over willingly to your lover's whims. And that can be unbelieveably erotic!

Just a guy, I totally agree with you 100%. Submissive don't mean being used. Submissive can mean CFM, I am here, I am available, I am open, etc. etc. but not necessarily "use me" or "spank me" or "humiliate me" etc. etc.

This is the stuff worth clarifying. I had a lady that always wanted me to take charge. She wanted me to "Take" her..... and she often wanted it rough - but those words are totally different than "being used" or being "humiliated" and wanting it rough can be totally different than being into pain. Communication is the key to fun.

Okay to clarify further. I don't like the phrase "like to be used" if that make any sense. Like I said Not a Slave. Being used = Being Slaved. My definition you don't have to agree. The title say WHO AM I. Not looking for confirmation. That's who I am, Period. End of Story.

Doesn't entirely make sense to me BonnieBelle. So in what sense are you submissive?<br />
<br />
My wife is a very strong person who I respect enormously, but she is submissive in the bedroom. She doesn't do task and so on but she likes to be "used." Maybe her way of compensating for the stresses of her daily life.