I had the pleasure of having a hugely enjoyable week with a totally dominate man. It was the first time i had let anyone see this submissive side of me! He completely brought it out of me in a totally trusting environment. Now i can't seem to get enough! And normal s.ex just doesn't cut it!


The minute he had me alone his hand would be around my neck, pulling at my panties. If i wasn't wet.

I'd be punished.

If i was too wet.

I'd be punished.

He'd push me onto the couch so i was on my all fours.

His fists was wrapped in my hair. Pulling my head back so my ears were close to his lips.

"You're such a naughty s.lut!"

"Please... i want your c.ock so bad."

"You'll get it, but when i say you can have it!"

Letting go of my hair he stood up behind me quickly taking off his pants and boxer shorts.

He reached down and ripped my panties straight off my hot wanting body. My dripping wet p.ussy aching for him to teach me a lesson.

"Turn around and look at me..." He commanded

Id push my self off the couch and get on my knees in front of him, desperate for his c.ock in my mouth.

"Now tell me how much you want my

"More then anything! Please ill do anything for it..."

"You're such a s.lut... Suck my c.ock, but you better do it well..."

Taking his huge throbbing d.ick into my mouth was like heaven, His knob already wet with pre I started sucking and sliding my hand up and down his shaft. Then i continued to slide his gorgeous c.ock down the back of my throat. Enjoying his hand behind my head, pushing his massive d.ick further down my throat.

"F.uck yes, you suck c.ock so well you dirty s.lut"

Feeling his fist in my hair again he pulled me off his c.ock and grabbed my throat. He pushed me onto the lounge and continued to undress me, I could hardly breath when he asked me to beg him for his hard c.ock.

"Please... I want it so bad, i want you to pound my s.lutty p.ussy and fill me with your hot!" I tried to yell but his hand was clamped onto my throat so tight that it was only a whisper.

"Louder!" He yelled in my face.

"PLEASE! PLEASE F.UCK ME! I WANT YOUR C.OCK AND YOUR C.UM SO BAD! I'VE BEEN SUCH A NUGHTY ****, I NEED TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON!" It took up the last of the oxygen in my lungs to scream for him.

Satisfied he loosened his grip on me, the blood rushing to my head i felt dizzy with pleasure. So aroused he continued pushing my legs right back to my ears. My p.ussy presented to him, drenched in my own juices. He could do what ever he wanted to me and I'd gladly let him. He bent down and slowly started to kiss around my wet p.ussy.

"See what you get when your only a reasonably good little submissive s.lut? Some w.anker teasing your p.ussy with his tongue? Not filling up that tight little ****** with his hard d.ick!"

My legs start to tremble i closed my eyes, my moans begging him to shove his c.ock inside me.

"Please i want you to use me for your own pleasure, I'm yours to f.uck and use forever..."

"Now there's my good s.lut! Get up on your knees and show me that tight hole of yours and ill decide whether i f.uck it or not"

Doing as I'm told i push myself up and get on all fours like a good submissive girl. Hoping he wants to f.uck me, because all i want is his huge d.ick thumping my p.ussy hard. Inspecting my dripping wet p.ussy with his fingers, he pulls them out and the next thing i know his hand is around my neck again. His d.ick plummets into my soaking hole, filling me with his hot hard shaft. I almost on the spot as his hand squeezers harder around my throat. Slapping my a.rse so hard and all i can hear behind me is his hard short pants. And i know, i have been a good s.lut today for my master. As his hot lovely shoots inside me and fills my throbbing hole.

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I really enjoy your writing, I hope there will be more!! <br />
<br />
Too wet! I'll bet there's nothing you can do about that :-)

Damn thats how I bang my girlfriend all the time!!!!

glad you liked it, i sure did

My ***** got super wet reading this!