When I was a teenager, I was really shy to be shirtless. But all my friends were those kinda people who takes of their shirts every other time. So one day they decides to 'man me up'...!! We were hanging out in my friends yard that evening when 3,4 of my dudes hold me up and strips of my shirt and my shorts, leaving me in just my underwear. And they just made me hang out the rest of the time in mu tighty whities...after that I started being shirtless all the time... am lean and hairy but now I am shirtless every where its remotely propriate...
SteveEveryoung SteveEveryoung
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 26, 2014

sorry it took the extreme actions of your friends - but glad you were able to man up and know how great being shirtless feels now man! Keep it off whenever you can - just feels right for a guy!