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Spanked Hard By My Boyfriend For Disobeying

My boyfriend, is so gentle and loving, and very attentive!! One day before he left for work, I was still half sleeping and he came over to my side of the bed, kissed my forehead, eyelids, nose and then mouth.  He told me to call him when I woke up and tell him my plans for the day.  I jokingly said, "Hope I dont forget" and he playfully turned me over and slapped me once hard on the butt.  He has arms like tree trunks from working out all the time.  He said hopefully that will remind you!!  So later that morning I called him and he told me that materials had arrived for a big job he was working on and he would probably be later than usual.  I told him I loved him and I would have dinner with him when he got home.   I told him I was staying home and going to clean and work in my garden.  He said to call him of anything changed.  I decided to go to the beach for a couple hours. The problem was that a few weeks before I told him I wanted to go to the beach and he said your not to go alone to this particular beach because he had heard there were frequent muggings and drug deals happening there.  I told him I thought it was ridiculous I had been going there without  a problem for years.  He quickly said "do not argue with me, you are not to go there alone".  I just let it go.  So I head off to the beach, I didn't let him know for obvious reasons.  So I spend a couple hours enjoying the sun, beach, etc., and decide I better head out, since I couldn't look too  sunburned.  I tie my towel around my waist as I am still damp from swimming and start walking up the beach to head to my car in the parking lot.  As I get onto the tar, I look at the end of the row where I was parked and it was still pretty far away but it appeared something was blocking my car.  I thought "great, what if I can't get out and get home before my boyfriend".  I continue walking and then notice its a pickup truck and realize it black. I think OMG that can't be Jay.....OMG....OMG......I continue walking but am trembling a bit.  I realize its him.  Dread.  I stop walking and begin trembling even more.  I call out to him, hey babe what are you doing here?  He's says "funny, I want to ask you the same thing".  I stand there shaking.  He jumps off his tailgate where he was sitting,  bare chested and good looking, with his arms crossed, and puts his arms out and calls to me, come over here baby girl.  I usually love the nickname but not today.  I start to cry, happy he is acting loving but still worried.  I hesitate, he says again, come over here! I walk over and he pulls me close to him, unties the towel from my waist and holds me with his hands around my lower back, his fingers resting on the top of my butt.  I prayed he didn't decide to punish me right there and then, it would be so humiliating as people walked to their cars.  He hugged me tight, kissed my face, which was wet with salty tears.  I said to him, "am I in trouble"?  He shook his head Yes.  I start to cry harder.  Please babe, I am so sorry, I wont ever do this again.  He puts his finger to his lip to shoosh me and saids you need to get in your car, go straight home, shower, dry your hair and get dressed for bed.  I will be along shortly after I drop off this estimate.  I drove home, sick with anticipation of what was going to happen when he got home.  I cried as I showered because I knew I was in for it.  He would not tolerate outright disobedience.  I got ready for bed in a long T-shirt and panties.  I heard him come in and open the refrigerator, and get something out.  It was complete torture.  I heard him come up the stairs, I felt like I would die.  He came into the bedroom, started emptying his pockets on the nightstand.  Took off he belt, OMG I was so nervous even though he had never spanked me with a belt, yet anyway.  He came over and sat on the bed and called me over.  I didn't move.  He said those dreaded words. "Don't make me come over and get you".  I jump up and start pleading, baby please I'm so sorry.  He said "oh babe not as sorry as your going to be, I promise you".  I then stood in front of him, he said do you know why your getting a licking?  I said cause I went to the beach, and lied to you about what I was doing.  He said exactly.  He then pulled up my T-shirt, pulled down my panties, held both my  wrists in one hand and started spanking me hard at least 10 times.  My butt was on fire.  He stood me up, pulled up my panties and said now get in bed, your punished for the night.  He hugged me, I didn't hug back.  He said may this be a lesson - what happens to girls who disobey. 
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if you're okay with it why not? My husband spanks me too for disobeying, lying, and getting snappy.

You're an adult, who the hell is he to punish you? I would call this consensual abuse.

He let you off easy. I would have given a lot more

Can't believe how intolerant some people are her. "Call the Cops?", "beat him up?". I mean, it seems to be clear that this is consenual and she accepts it whether you like it or not. And who said adults don't need discipline? I would say that especially some adults who think their actions would be without consequences could need a good spanking. I would be glad to get a girlfriend who will punish me if I do something wrong instead of ignoring me for a week or just leave me after a while because she is getting frustrated and I (as most men) don't get her subtle hints!

It's a spanking!! Lol spankings are good for women. They help us release and feel cared about. Women need to know their man cares about their actions and them! He didn't want her getting mugged, or raped at this beach! The spanking was for her own good!

My wife would beat his *** with a black iron frying pan when he fell asleep. then he could find himself someone else to spank.....

You better beat his *** honey! That is illegal for him to beat you like that! You should not believe him when he says he loves you. He is a liar. That is not what happens to girls who disobey. Either call the cops, get a restraining order, or straight up beat his *** and make him leave.

She says she love it.. ailright? That might be sexual, so be open minded dude

What she has described IS NOT's abuse........

It's consensual idiot.

Consensual spanking, yes. Consensual beating, Hell No

It's not consensual it's stupid you're the idiot wanting to be hurt for " love " open your eyes! No one should spank anyone unless it's your parents!

That is what I'm trying to tell these sex crazed idiots!

It's not sexual it's abuse!

Why don't you just keep your close-minded thoughts to yourself? It's obvoulsy that this is only a matter between these two individuals. If they both want this, you have no right at all to interfere.

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That is pure stupid! People are being abused and forced to have sex and you want that?

I understand let it nice and easy don't dump it honey

MY bf loves to spank me he usualy spanks me n makes me sit for 10 mins than comforts me

Duh! He only comforts you so you won't call the cops.

Is it illegal to spank your children too? Lol Geeze people it's called a man being a man let him spank her

It's not being a man, it's being a b*stard and children is for disobedience. Spanking children is okay you idiots!

So, do you still go to the beach when you feel like it? Are you more careful about not getting caught?

Don't just be careful, kick him to da curb! Beat dat b**tch

i really want to be spanked and dominated by a strong both body and minded boyfriend too.

Shut up. Dat is stupid. Read da Bible. God doesn't want his children to be spanked! Take a hint.

Wait. Your boyfriend forces you to tell him everything you are doing, doesn't allow you to do what you want, and than punishes you if you disobey? Something about that seems wrong. I am assuming you are a grown woman. Why are you letting your boyfriend push you around like this? You make it seem what he did was right. This looks to me like a stereotypical case of domestic abuse.

or discipline. What is your issue if this the lifestyle they have chosen. As long as they don't introduce their kids into spanking. I have no issues with it.

Pure Dam* stupid

Ten times? That's all? You're lucky!

STFU! She isn't lucky to be spanked once. Take a hint or shut up!

I would have given you at least three times as much for such disobedience. You would have done the spanky dance, believe me, with your panties around your ankles...

you spank your girlfriend too?

Of course. Female buttocks are made for that.

They are not! We are not suppose to abuse people! STFU!


Fuc* you why would you abuse someone? Humans are going to sin! Read the bible dumba*s

Go to h*ll! Oh wait, you already are! For spanking your partner!

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i am so much happier when my husband shows me how strong he is. it allows me to become soft and female. it feels so very right to me.

You need a therapist. Being beaten doesn't make us feminine, being strong women does. Treat yourself right for once. Stop being naive!

she is lucky to have a man that will make her obey him like you do. Many men could take lessons from you

Shut up! Women are suppose to be submissive not slaves!

What a nice story he was really sweet to you considering. I hope you listen better.

Who the **** gave you that idea? The Lord didn't. Beating people isn't considerate. He shouldn't have been so controlling anyway. If he hadn't been so controlling of her. Ladies, treat yourselves right and get a real man, one who DOES NOT BEAT YOU!

You will have a long and happy marriage my dear. Finding a man who knows his role is the hardest part with all the weak submissive men walking about. It's easy to find a man who will spank your bum during sex play, but a man who will dish out real punishment whether you cry or not? You have a gem mate. A very strong man who cares more about you & your relationship than bowing down to you. I got the belt once whilst caught red handed in a lie, I've never lied to my husband since and never will. Nor will I ever doubt his authority or love for me.

yeah. true!. ur the very lucky one.i hope i am that lucky..........................................

Not so lucky when your stupid *ss boyfriend is in h*ll and you're found in a dumpster ten miles from your city!

Not true, you won't have a happy marriage at all, you will be found dead in a trash bag five miles from your house!

Thanks for sharing I hope you have learned

She doesn't need to learn, she needs to stop being naive and find a real man, or else he might just use the sharpest knife in your kitchen to cut you and dump you in one of
his friend's dumpsters

I find it amazing that people, especially men, let their wives run over them. This is what the world is coming to and why the divorce rate is sky high. If my wife disobey she better believe that she'd be over my knee getting her butt busted with a hairbrush. Women are designed to be submissive and men to lead and take charge. How can a home run if no one is on charge, and how can someone be in charge with no way to punishment bad behavior. My wife knows that if she acts up, I will not hesitate to dish out some spankings.

I always show her how much I love her by keeping her in line with spankings.

With some wives it wouldn't work, I'm glad it works with yours. A woman's bare butt is the best way to keep a marriage well-balanced. Even though that butt may be a little sore sometimes...

if she agrees with that no problem. If she doesn't you can end up in jail.

The ideal man in a dd relationship is a very loving man who provides strong emotional and material support, leaving no doubt he is your man - and is firm, pitiless, and totally dominating when it comes to erotic or punitive spankings. Your *** has to hurt when you're spanked, that's your fate as a female in a relationship of this type. In exchangem you are loved, supported, and encouraged to be yourself - except that you will be spanked at least once a week,

He's very loving just not during punishments, like me he's new to dd and he must think that's how it's supposed to be.

If he is mean, you may want to reconsider a new boyfriend

My fiancé is a lot like this except for not as loving :( when I'm in trouble I'm in trouble he's mean to me for the next few hours and orders me around he doesn't hold me nicely afterwards.

you deserved it and i'm sure you had all day to think about it.

I would never have my boyfriend if he did not spank me!

I can't imagine being in a long term relationship with a man who didn't spank me.

I am very much in favor of spanking women bareass, erotically mostly, but punitively for important transgressions. By hand - I think there has to be a direct connection between the spanker and the spankee. However, if at 40 you accept being belted for a problem of beach, there's something very wrong somewhere - or extremely immature.

You got what you earned dear. I hope you learned.

I wish i could find a man like that

I have to agree with him being im a submissive and ive learned not to disobey