My Husband Spanks Me Regularly

I've been married to my husband John for 17 years and we adopted a voluntary sub-dom approach to our marriage pretty soon after. He told he wanted to be dominant and take control while I was submissive and followed his instructions. He explained that he didn't want to use the sob-dom just for sex but in every aspect of our married life. I was confused at first but it soon became clear. He told me he wanted to care for me to the best of his ability, and that would mean I'd need to accept spankings to remind me of my submissive place.

I thought he simply meant he wanted to spank me a few times before we had sex and jovially agreed. I was very wrong. He began spanking me for minor wrong-doings such as back-chatting or sulking. He would pull me over his knee, pull down my underwear and use his hand to correct me. I'd hate such outrageous invasions but he reminded me there was nothing to invade - I was his wife, I was submissive to him and I had to be accountable. I continued to hate the spankings but loved the feeling of safety and being cared for.

After 2 or 3 years of receiving OTK spanks, John told me he wanted to take my discipline a step further. He wanted to start including more punishments to my list of corrections. If I complained, I'd be sent to stand in the corner for 15 minutes, facing the wall and not moving. If I was late for anything, say 20 mins, I'd be sent to bed 20 mins earlier. I hated the humiliation of being treated like a child and refused,only to earn myself a fair few spankings until I learned. He later told me he was aware that I was probably committing minor misdemeanors while he was at work and that these wrong-doings needed to be corrected too, even if he didn't know about them. He explained that he planned to set aside some time every week to take me to hand and spank me for all the things I'd done wrong that he didn't know about. My heart sighed - I hated spankings and the thought of being routinely spanked every week. Knowing that a spanking was coming up while all I could do was wait for it was hugely humiliating.

When I thought about the humiliation and how he had chosen to spank me routinely, I suddenly began to find the idea rather exciting. He decided 8pm on Thursday evenings would be my punishment session. I would wait all week, cooking for him, ironing his clothes and sleeping beside him, knowing full well that he planned to spank me at 8pm on Thursdays. On punishment nights he would go into our study and close the door to prepare. I would knock on the door and wait outside to be summoned in. It reminded me of waiting to be slippered at school. Once called into his study, I'd be given the chance to confess any wrong-doings. Confessed wrong-doings earned me 3 strokes of a slipper. Unconfessed wrong-doings earned 4 strokes of his belt and he would always 'guesstimate' that I'd done at least 3 things wrong, so I'd get strapped 12 times. I quickly learned to make up a wrong-doing, such as spending too much money or swearing in public or putting my knickers back on after he had ordered me not to wear them before he went to work. I'd get six strokes of his slipper on average. He'd ask me to fetch the slipper and then pull down my own knickers for him. He'd bend me over a chair or the desk and deliver my systematic, routine correction. Once finished, I'd be expected to thank him.

I began to adore the control he had over me. I still hated spankings but I loved him more for his strength of character and leadership. My on-the-spot punishments continued if he 'caught me in the-act'. As we were dressing in the morning, he'd sometimes tell me not to wear any underwear all day just to remind me that he was in control. I'd dutifully dress with no knickers or bra. On one occasion he came home early from work and caught me with my knickers on. I got an immediate helping of six strappings. He told me he knew what to expect and that I knew what to do. Without being told, I lifted my skirt, removed my knickers and bent over the dining table. The belt strokes came slowly, with 30 seconds between each, just to give me time to appreciate the sting and pain. He never caused bleeding or left sore welts, I'd just have a few hot, red lines to think about for a few minutes.

There was one occasion where he held a cocktail party for some friends in our home. I can't remember what I did, perhaps I was rude to his boss, but he took me by the arm and said 'excuse me' to his audience before leading me to his study. He didn't have to say anything, I knew the drill. I bared my bottom for him and waited for the strokes, all the while feeling so embarrassed that his friends would be able to hear the strap making contact with my skin and my inevitable low groans of pain. It was humiliation but 1000-fold. I was surprised to find I actually enjoyed it!

We've been living with this arrangement for a long time now and I've come to love my spankings. I feel cared for and managed when I'm immediately corrected for wrong-doings. My routine, planned spankings are a constant reminder to be on my best behaviour as I both anticipate and dread them. My next planned spanking is tomorrow. I need to confess to bouncing a cheque. I'll get 3 slipper strokes for it. My bottom cheeks are tingling already with eager anticipation.

Wish me luck!
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This is beautiful. you and i are lucky in the men we have found (or who have found us).

You are one lucky wife!

Um sounds so sexy.The entire story turned me on.I want a man that's in control like your husband.

Absolutely love it! I want that kind of control from my husband.

I think thats a very exciting lifestyle

We don't have routine spankings like yours. I think I like to be caught more than to confess myself. <br />
I don't mind to tell our hobby to our friends or his colleague. I always find I'm excited when he become dom, I sub in front of others.

Excellent - that's exactly what I wrote it :)<br />
<br />
I got pretty hot writing it if I'm honest ;)

I've never been into this myself but I find myself rock hard from reading your story.