Scolded And Threatened With A Licking In A Restaurant.....

My boyfriend who is definitely the dominant personality in the relationship and I were out to dinner and sitting at the table in the restaurant when he asked me why I didn't return his call until 4 hours later today.  He was looking directly in my eyes and has told me on a number of occasions whenever he speaks with someone and is questioning something he always looks at their eyes when they answer cause the eyes are an easy give if someone is not being immediately my eyes looked downward and he reached over and lifted my chin and said "look at me".......I knew I better be truthful or I would be in deep _ _ _ _ so I again looked down and started to answer and he again raised up my chin and said a little more forcefully "LOOK AT ME"...and I looked and  answered that I was out with Rayna ( a friend he despises) and I forgot my phone at home. He then asked where did you and Rayna go?  I started sweating at this point and just then the waitress walked over to take our drink order and I figured he would wait till she was done but he said "oh can you give us a minute please" and she said sure and walked away at which time he continued to stare into my eyes and said again "where did you and Rayna go" and I said to the Backdrop ( a little neighborhood cafe and bar) and he said "for 4 hours"?? I said yeah we had a couple of drinks and ate lunch.  He said you were there for 4 hours and only had a couple of drinks?? So again I looked down and this time he said. "this is the last time I am going to tell you to look at me when your speaking" so I looked and said I had 3 drinks....and then he said "what did I tell you was going to happen next time you drove after drinking"???? I was started to choke on my own spit and said I don't remember??  You don't remember?  Want me to remind you right now? Just then the waitress is back and I'm 30 shades of red from his questioning and I can see this is not going well....and again as the waitress stands there he asks me again " what did I say was going to happen the next time you drove after drinking"?.....the waitress continues to stand there and I am ready to die of humiliation and he says "ANSWER ME NOW" so I whisper --you said I'm getting a hard licking" and he said that's right doll.....when we get home your bottom is going to be warmed up good. Then he turns to the waitress and says I'll have a Coors Light please.....her face was red too!!!  I tried talking him out of the plan but one thing about him is he never makes promises he doesn't keep.....and this time was no exception. I begged, pleaded, cried, promised to never do it again but he took me home, told me to get ready for bed (kiss of death) and he came up and said you know why your being punished.....and he grabbed me, lifted up my nightshirt, pulled my panties down and gave me a hard licking. He then said get in bed and don't get out. You better remember next time you go out what will happen if you drink and drive.
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woah......... i can't imagine the humiliation, but the mature,in charge bits are kinda hot

I was threatened with being taken over my boyfriend's knee in the middle of the airport. I was upset that he wanted to drop me and my roommate off at the curb of the airport and not walk us, (but mainly me), to the gate. The only way I knew how to make him realize how upset I was, was by making mean comments over and over again as we walked through the airport. My roommate told me I should stop, because she didn't doubt it when he said he would take me over his knee then and there and didn't care who would see it. My only saving grace was I said I couldn't be in any more pain than I was, since I had fallen off a horse the day before. I wasn't sure if he would actually do it - and certainly didn't want to find out. We lived in different states and sometimes wished he would have been more forceful with his desires.

Nice story!

who drove home? sounds like he drinks and drives.

As a server I can tell you we see and hear it all and not much bothers us as long as you are courteous to us and tip well.It probably made the servers night and she had a story to tell afterward.As for hearing the inner lives of our customers if they are regulars we usually do and being a part time counselor comes with the job.Who knows, maybe she asked her partner for a spanking when she got home!

Ewww, there is no way I could take a spanking like that. For me it has to be private. His parents would have freaked out over something like that, too. Do his brothers and sister live in DD too?

I was thankful it was done in his Mom's bedroom and not in the living room where everyone is istting....LOL not that he would have bared my bum in front of his family but would think nothing of turning me over his knee and slapping my bottom several times.....I don't know if his brothers practice DD they are all a bit more reserved than my cowboy:-) but you never know....I have heard him tell the sister's boyfriend that he needs to give her a licking and the boyfriend just blushes...I know all the kids were spanked growing up.....but not sure if they have continued the practice with their significant others...

As far as drinking and driving ... you earned a good sound spanking and your boyfriend seemed to handle that situation very well. As for taking you to a bedroom at his mother's for an earned session across his lap, I think I would have just about died from embarrassment and would hope that anything like that could be handled in private at home. But, I do recall a few situations where Mother took me or more often my little sister upstairs for some corrective action with her hairbrush when everyone else in the household knew what was happening. That would be terrible for most of us as adults, but ... well, maybe that's part of the point he was making? Act out in a childish bratty manner and be treated in a manner appropriate for those actions. If the lesson was learned, then perhaps future behavior in that situation will be greatly improved? I would sure hate it, but feel you are lucky to have someone who cares enough about you and is fully capable of correcting your behavior when he feels it is warranted.

I haven't been on a in a few months....but needed to vent to "others" who understand a DD relationship. My boyfriend (soon to be husband) as I have said in other posts doesn't care who is there or who isnt when I am fresh to him he tells me right then and there that he will warm my butt good....sometimes he will say when we get home your getting a licking or he has taken me in another room (even at his mothers:-())) for a trip over his knee. I feel sorry for people that are near by because I know it has to be awkward and I always feel their compassion when it is announced that I will be punished. So over the holidays (a very stressful time) we went to his Mom's for dinner with his brothers their wives and his sister and her boyfriend. I was in a sassy mood, not sure but it would appear that I was looking for "it". When his mother asked why he sold his car, I piped up that he is never satisfied with what he has (and then I made the worst comment) including me.......his eyes turned dark and he looked at me and said you will be sorry for that comment baby-girl.....he asked his Mom if he could take me for a "talk" to her bedroom. She said sure "honey"....he took my hand and pulled me off the couch and gave me a hard slap on the butt as we walked to the bedroom. When we got there he walked in and said I am going to blister your bottom, do you know that? I started crying...(as usual) and pleaded to take me home. I don't want everyone to hear. He said that's too bad, get over here. I tried to get to the door and he grabbed me in one step, started unbuttoning my pants and I was pleading and crying no baby please don't.....please don't.....he got them unbottoned, pull them down and then turned me over his knee. I thought for a split second my panties would stay up but he grab the waist bank, pulled them down to my thighs and said "you better start watching that fresh mouth" or I will invest in a paddle that I can assure you you won't like that at all. He then said, in fact I am going to borrow Momma's wooden spoon right now!! OMG I was freaking horrified. He stood me up, said DONT MOVE OR ELSE and walked out to the living room where I heard him ask his Mother if he could "borrow" her wooden spoon. I didn't hear her answer but in one minute he was back. He pulled me back over his knee, grabbed my wrists so I couldn't cover my bum and took that spoon to my backside. I was trying to not make too much noise but I know everyone heard that sppoon paddling my backside. He gave me 12-15 slaps. I was sobbing and he stood me up and said compose yourself and come back out to join the party and keep your fresh mouth closed. I stayed in there for a little too long because I was so embarrassed and he came in and said let's go now. We walked out and everyone looked the other way.....and my "sweetie" said my girl just got her bum paddled good so excuse her if she can't sit!! His Mom said "guess what" that is the same spoon Jay got punished with as a boy. Great, freaking great:-)

Hey I never enjoy the actual punishment.......although I love hearing about other people's punishments, I dread with all of my being when I know what's coming....I only get OTK spankings and just with his hand.....although he has spanked a couple of times with a wooden spoon when it was within reach and he only wanted to give me a "quick" lesson.....either way I am always very sorry...

Ooooh naughty! You're spanking was well-deserved...I hope you enjoyed it. What did he spank you with?<br />
<br />
I loved your desc<x>ription of how your boyfriend gazed into your eyes in search of truth. My husband does that, and almost always in public. It's one of those pleasure-pain experiences. While I find the confirmation of an up-coming spanking somewhat uncomfortable I also find the promise in his eyes enormously arousing.

I is so humiliating to be scolded or told a punishment is in my future when other people are around. My man has no problem with describing what I have coming or has on a couple of occasions slapped my butt hard in front of friends with a warning that if my behavior doesn't change immediately he will give me a licking right then and there. I know what is acceptable and what isn't so when I decide to be a nudge he quickly reminds me what happens if I continue, the decision is always mine. I can have a very fresh mouth.....

my marriage was on the rocks and certain things happened i am sure you do not want to be bored with details, i will say this that after my first spanking and he made rules things changed and we are happier than we have ever been and i wonder is it possible to fall in love all over again.. we will be 25 years married on the 30th of august!! how awesome is that

Well done, you are very lucky to have a boyfriend who will take the time to discipline you. Mind you, he is also extremely fortunate to have a woman who appreciates being spanked when she is naughty. It can transform your relationship- it certainly did ours.

Yeah he's "charming"

Your boyfriend was really charming when he said " what did I say was going to happen the next time you drove after drinking"? ---- in front of that waitress!!

Yes....I have learned my lesson for more drinking and driving for this girl.....I will take a taxi next time I head out....:-)

I hope you learned your lesson. I sure as hell wouldn't drink of drive ever again! I wonder what my husband would do?...