Rightful Punishment, Bad Wife

I've been a very lazy girl, discouraged in my job and making excuses not to go in. My hubby found out and said he'd teach me the old fashioned way if I kept being so irresponsible. Well, the next week I was home playing hooky and he walked in at noon, having come home from work, sick. I didn't even hear him come in the door because I was ************ in the bedroom! (what am I supposed to do to pass the time?)
Needless to say, he was infuriated. And I can't say I blame him.
I was so scared if his reaction, a huge pit in my stomach, I couldn't even come up with a decent excuse...
He was sick, so he said he'd deal with my lazy, self-satisfying *** later.
I quickly set out to fix dinner, clean the house etc to try to make up for my naughty behavior. He had never punished me before- what was I in for?
He slept most of the day, then summoned me. He told me how dissapointed he was that I would risk my job & paycheck to lay around the house fingering myself. I was so ashamed, because he was right.
He said I must learn to obey, and he was going to practice several forms of wife discipline he had read about. Now.
My heart was racing and I begged for mercy, but he wouldnt hear of it.
He sat on a chair and told me to pull down my panties, lift my skirt, and bend over is knee. I was expecting to be smacked, but he just caressed my butt and told me to put my hands on the floor, my feet came off the ground. Then the smacking started, a good 15 minutes with me squealing and kicking. We were interrupted by the doorbell. He made me go answer, and I tried to act natural and sign for the package. But, my husband came up behind me and informed the postman that he was interrupting my punishment. The postman looked shocked so hubby turned me around and lifted my skirt to show off my smoldering pink cheeks.
Hubby then said he'd give the postman a hefty tip if he would stay and witness phase two of the punishment. Humiliation and pain combined would help straighten me out, he said. He had to cajole the postman to watch, but assured him that it was for my own good, so he agreed to watch.
Hubby dissapeared for a minute, and returned with a coarse paintbrush. Told me to spread my legs and then bend over and put my head between my knees. The postman gave him encouragement at he roughy painted my *** red, then painted the inside of my thighs, but never touched my sweet spot. Despite the pain and humiliation (the front door was still open!) I was dripping hot between my legs and couldn't hold back the moans. He knew he had caught me earlier before I had climaxed, and now he was purposefully torturing me with desire, pain, and shame.
He paid the postman, gave me 7 stripes with his belt, then delivered punishing stokes on my insides with his hardened member.
I'm now typing my story in the dark, afraid ofhow he'll continue my punishment as he promised he would in the morning- once he has his strength back!
How could I have been so foolish? I only hope his loving punishment will cure my bad behavior soon...sob
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Now I was believing this until you brought the delivery man into the story and said that he stuck around. There is no way that a husband who loves his wife would pay someone to watch his wife get spanked and humiliated. If this is true, your husband is an *** and needs to be punched. You should NEVER let him humiliate you again like that and spank you or punish you in front of anyone. He was mean and cruel to do it and you were wrong to let him. I understand him punishing you that was right for what you did, but for him to bring someone else into it and you allowing him to, that was wrong.

I could not stand 200, after 5, I'm normally beging him to stop, his swats are just very hard and one after another, right now, I'm on Coumadine, so he is not spanking me, but he has pull my ear, and has said if I do end up misbehaving too much, he will have no choice but to use his belt, even if he risks to bruise my behind

Sure is no fun, I was on a year ago and had to stop due to a very serious bleeding spell, but since my A Fib started flaring out and caused a cardiac arrest they have put me on again

My husband spanks me most days and I have a sore bottom alot, which I love. I love submitting to him and it really helps with my attitude. But 25 wouldnot be enough for me. After about 200 you start to get in a very sexual place and the spanking feels good,unless it's very hard. These ate what I really crave. The problem is I need pretty harsh spanking to be really corrective. Anybody else like this?

i have the best loving husband, and not right to disappoint him<br />
<br />
I did deserved every little bit of the punishment for being disrespectful and disobedient, he was kind with the belt, he could have given me a lot more than the 25 I got, and would have been only 15, but I move away, so he had to start all over and earned 5 extra ones for disobedience, I'm OK, just very disappointed with myself, not like I don't get enough warnings<br />
<br />
I hope this teaches me to quit loosing my temper and being so stubborn, as obviously his hand had not helped me much, he normally will just smack my bottom twice, so yesterday sure was quite a bit for me, but not complaining at all, like I said I did deserve every little bit

TNgirl65<br />
I'm so glad you understand, I'm behaving so much better and love the security of knowing hubby will make sure I keep on track.<br />
Please tell me more about your whipping. Did you deserve it? How did it make you feel? What dis he use on you? <br />
Hope you are ok

Only thing I have to say, is why do we have to put ourselves into so much trouble, I got my first serious whipping today, I know he did it because he loves me, but it hurts so bad, and yet I'm grateful he took the time to see that I learn to properly behave<br />
<br />
Hope your daily routine gets better each day

This morning hubby announced I would be getting rehabilitation punishment on a daily basis.<br />
When his alarm goes off at 6AM, I'm to slide out of my nightgown and stand naked in the corner while he has his coffee and reads the paper.<br />
I was quivering with dread by the time he was ready for me. He called me over to where he was siting and asked if I understood why he had to do this. I shook my head, disappointing him, and he explained that he loved me and it was his duty to make me learn how to behave. I was so happy to hear that and smiled!<br />
Then he said he was glad I understood and took me OTK. He slapped my still stinging tush over and over with his open palm, then stopped to caress my sore bottom. My relief that it was over was short lived though as he started smacking again. After about three rounds of this he continued the caress down the inside of my thighs, making me ache and moan.<br />
He told me that part of my rehabilitation would be to learn to control my desires. As he continued to stroke the backs of my legs, he said I would have to go a whole week without satisfaction. He will ask me each day if I have fingered myself, and would know if I was lying.<br />
I couldn't stifle a cry of NO! which earned me three hard smacks in a row.<br />
I was again sent sobbing to the corner to stand with my hands laced behind my head while he took a shower and dressed for work.<br />
I thought he had forgotten about me over in the corner and he would be off to work, but before he put on his belt he walked over to me and said that while he had hoped the hand smacking would have been enough, I clearly wasn't fully submitting to him yet and the depth of his love and sense of duty compelled him to deliver harsher punishment. He wanted to see me show him that my body belonged to him by standing in the middle of the room, hands behind my head, tushie pointed out, back arched, **** towards ceiling. I did as I was told, I knew it was for my own good. After each stinging lash of his belt, I arched more, extending my rear and front to show my submission. Finally after 12 new red marks had be laid down on my backside, he took me into his arms and smoothed my hair, and gently kissed my forehead. <br />
As he left for work he told me to behave properly today and he would assess my behavior and attitude tonight....

I hope things do not go to bad for you, and he is kind with the punishment