Naughty Again

It's weird to say this but I missed being spanked all week and I couldn't figure out a way to ask for it so I was trying to be only a little bad so that all I would get is an over the knee spanking which I now know I find majorly erotic. I decided to just do something I know my husband hates which is put my feet on the furniture and when I heard him clear his throat I ignored him. He then ordered me to go up to our bedroom and "prepare" myself (where does he learn all these terms?). I happily ran up to our room and took off all of my clothes and stood in the corner waiting for him. I was surprised by how quickly he came through the door so I didn't have my fingers laced together and behind my head and he caught me and said for that I get the paddle also :( I heard him sit in his chair and open his box of toys and I felt my sex start to get wet. Its amazing how I never knew hot erotic I would find his taking control of our relationship. He finally called me over and told me to lay across his knees. I did as I was told and immediately he began to spank me hard on my butt. His aim was perfect as usual, hitting me in exactly the same spot on each cheek alternately. I felt myself squirm as my butt heated up and I felt his c--k harden. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more I felt him stop and begin to rub my butt lightly and run his fingers over and into my sex. Next I felt him pick up my paddle and rub the cool wood over the hot spots on by butt. I nervously waited for the paddling to start and soon enough it did. I rapidly began to kick and cry but that didn't stop him. After about 20 whacks I heard him put the paddle down and I slowly brought my sobs under control. Crying while laying across his lap after a paddling is cathartic and I felt such a sense of release. Next I felt him gently rubbing and kneading my sore butt and then unexpectedly I felt him putting lube around and into my butt hole. I felt the wetness poring out of my sex as I anticipated the feel of his c--k up my a--! Suddenly I felt a pressure on my butt hole and realized he was putting something large into me which hurt wicked bad. I asked him what it was and he told me to relax, its a "butt plug". Apparently its a c--k shaped toy. Once it was in he told me to go stand in the corner and I awkwardly walked over, spying my red a-- in the mirror. He made me stand there for about 20 minutes then I sensed him behind me. I felt him touch the butt plug and apparently it had a built in vibrator inside! He walked me to the bed and began to f--k my c--t as the vibrator moved in my burning a--! Amazing!!!
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I like the fun spankings over his knee, punishment ones suck! As a prelude to sex a spanking is great. You should try some anal fun. I never thought I'd like it and now I'm hooked!